Snowmobile Engined Triumph Makes Boost!

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Our snowmobile powered Triumph Spitfire finally makes boost! It seems to be holding down 10-12lbs with ease. We have been working at this for so long and now it is finally working! Next step is going to be make it safe. We will ad a driveline tunnel, clutch guard and roll cage.
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Grind Hard Plumbing Co
Grind Hard Plumbing Co - 10 måneder siden
We launched new merch just in time for Christmas! and we have a Black Friday sale going on! Thanks for watching guys! What style of roll cage should we do for the Spitfire???
EKY 238
EKY 238 - 10 måneder siden
full racing one
minibike322 - 10 måneder siden
im sure you tried this but my have to do with back pressure from the exhaust try routing the exhaust as close to stock as it was before hopefully helps it run better
Probably Jammin
Probably Jammin - 10 måneder siden
Full cage please! Stay safe!
Probably Jammin
Probably Jammin - 10 måneder siden
Does it have 1 gear?
Hyatt Busbey
Hyatt Busbey - 10 måneder siden
Make it LeMons legal. I want to see it on track!
Hunter Hayes
Hunter Hayes - 2 måneder siden
Your gonna have to gear it different for sure
BillsfanMC - 4 måneder siden
What snowmobile has 200 hrsprs
Majin Studio
Majin Studio - 4 måneder siden
What snowmobile have a 4 cylinder engine?. lol i thought they were all 2 cylinders.
Elias Y
Elias Y - 4 måneder siden
to Heavy gear in the chainhouse
busa busa1
busa busa1 - 4 måneder siden
Did it have a FMC fuel management control unit that worked off a mass air flow sensor mass air flow sensor triggers the fuel pump to go into surge and produce more fuel pressure under heavy boost just a thought great videos
Mason Campbell
Mason Campbell - 5 måneder siden
Have you guys upgraded the diff on this?
J & J RACING - 5 måneder siden
I just thought I would throw this in, Triumph Spitfire rear wheel axle flanges are on a taper and keyed. I've seen the wheel and flange break from the axle in racing situations. I know because I used to build Spitfires and MG midgets for racing. I'm not sure of your plans for the differential area but don't weld the spyder gears, get a Subaru 4 wheel drive rear diff and CV axles and install that as a unit. I'm J & J Racing, LLC in Sherwood Arkansas, email if you want to contact me. All the best.
john munyan
john munyan - 5 måneder siden
I'm not sure which looks better... or has less power... the jag or this
But seriously, this is awesome
CHRISTOS RODRIGUEZ - 6 måneder siden
This has the same energy as putting the biggest engine in a stock car in forza horizon
Jeremiah Schulze
Jeremiah Schulze - 6 måneder siden
I love the floor fan on the front lol
Maureen Sommerfelt
Maureen Sommerfelt - 6 måneder siden
Electronic rev limiter? Purchase a swing spring rear suspension to eliminate the back wheels tucking in under when the back end lifts.
Harold Gino Helgeson
Harold Gino Helgeson - 6 måneder siden
Finally the jets will be the problem
Conman0320 - 6 måneder siden
It’s because u don’t have any sort of back pressure? Maybe that’s why it ran better with th exhaust in it
S P - 6 måneder siden
Friggin Awesome, period.
Guys I may be way out of line for even thinking about potential solutions here for your mastery but something is telling me electronic engine management system like some bizarre grounding from the snowmobile throttle switch or something, forgive my stupidity, my next advice from the lantin is to take it to the snowmobile manufacturer and have them do it under warranty ! Hehe Reversing this beauty into their service dock they probably be pleased to help... I would.
You'll figure it out I believe in you ! Keep the faith my brothers...
cburford - 6 måneder siden
I’m assuming your issue is the fuel tank being in the rear. Not getting enough possibly?
roadglider00 - 6 måneder siden
I love how the house is wrapped in Tyvek but the focus is on the toys!! Priority assessments I wish to achieve!
gixerman01 - 6 måneder siden
Float bowl vents have to vent into pressurized airboxes.
Tim Good
Tim Good - 6 måneder siden
It sounds like the carburetors are out of sync. Or a pilot jet is clogged. It needs the exhaust to be on. That's not the problem though
Cassius Bentley
Cassius Bentley - 7 måneder siden
🏁🏁🏁it's a real pleasure to watch🏎️🏎️🏎️
1:18 💛
Harry Agg
Harry Agg - 7 måneder siden
Yo guys, love your work as always! Would love to see this finished and in British racing green! I grew up around these cars and I think that what you’ve done is awesome! Needs a roll cage/full suspension rebuild/thicker tyres and generally a complete clean up but I think this will be something genuinely special when finished!
Keep it up!
JONATHAN - 7 måneder siden
🏁🏁🏁amazing what he did🏎️🏎️🏎️
1:47 💖💓
bcabmac - 7 måneder siden
I want to see it compete on the road in a street rally or something. All finished. It's just to cool to end here.
coondogtheman1234 - 7 måneder siden
That car is insane. These snowmobile engines today are way too powerful. I had a sled from the 80s I think it was 50HP. Went 55 MPH.

That tree house and bridge makes me think of the video game The Forest where you can build tree houses and link them with these bridges.

And PLEASE cover that clutch and drive shaft. You have a 200 HP meat grinder there.
Brad Daniel
Brad Daniel - 7 måneder siden
Just stumbled on this channel. Love those 13 License Plates!
IIIBETEPIII - 7 måneder siden
Maaan, like the BMW truck :)
Kenneth Taylor
Kenneth Taylor - 8 måneder siden
It needs biger jets
Oldjohn52 - 8 måneder siden
what snowmobile has a four cylinder engine? No snark, I legitimately have no idea. Is it a two stroke? How do you supercharge a two stroke?
immrnoidall - 8 måneder siden
is that a cardboard clutch guard?
RCPro Driver
RCPro Driver - 8 måneder siden
Says it doesn't run perfect...also doesn't have muffler on it.
Project Crowd Surfer
Project Crowd Surfer - 8 måneder siden
Guy looks high af @ 9:30
Brian Jennings
Brian Jennings - 8 måneder siden
Cut and mount hood scoop to funnel some air to that intercooler! I bet it just basking in that engine heat!
GeekTheGamer - 8 måneder siden
might have been loaded up from the boot be
ing off
Mr.F - 8 måneder siden
Mobil idaman gw neh.
flyingmerkel - 8 måneder siden
sounds like a timing problem
Aaron Blair
Aaron Blair - 8 måneder siden
Was really hoping for a two stroke when I clicked....
Captain Creator
Captain Creator - 9 måneder siden
Love this project... can't wait to see it when you get it tuned and built up! My buddy had one in Highschool with a chev 350 and Corvette drive train in it that he robbed from his Dad's crashed vette... He and his dad built it in a month and the thing ripped and was scary as hell... beat my stroked 1990 Mustang 5.0L easily. Never got a hood to fit around rad and motor...
I like the fact the hood completely covers the sled motor to keep people guessing. I'd reinforce the frame and build it like a 2wd prerunner... put a roll bar and side crash bars on that thing too. Hitting a tree with that thing even at those speeds will tear that thing in two. Keep sending it 👍
NewfieOn2Wheels - 9 måneder siden
Get a trans tunnel and driveshaft loops on that thing. That's not okay.
Country Boy01
Country Boy01 - 9 måneder siden
Montana tags 🤘🏼
The Boss
The Boss - 9 måneder siden
With a drive shaft left like that I see death in the near future
Overspray - 9 måneder siden
When you guys are done I wanna see a race between you guys!
GreatNorthernDad - 9 måneder siden
Does this count for HooptieX at King of Hammers? That would be epically entertaining. :) And it is winter, and I am thinking about the Spitfire, and personally I think it is your coolest build so far. Then again, I have a penchant for classics. :)
Cody Forgea
Cody Forgea - 9 måneder siden
Have you guys dialed in your clutching? That would certainly hinder your top rpm range. Especially since youre turning a driveshaft and wheels now instead of a track.
CountryLife - 9 måneder siden
not having the oxygen sensor hooked up may be affecting the way it runs.
Sam Harris
Sam Harris - 9 måneder siden
Guessing you guys are moto guys as well from the KTM engine and the Rekluse sweatshirts, do you bring these to the Desert 100, would be a great place to put on a show.
Sam Harris
Sam Harris - 9 måneder siden
Where in Idaho are all these Frankenstein machines being built? Is there an actually plumbing company behind this debauchery? Keep up the good work.
426 SUPER BEE - 9 måneder siden
screw the dirt HIT THE ROADS WITH IT! it's not a dune buggy Need a electric fuel pump starving for fuel >>> i see one big problem! rear wheels goes in Like a VW that very dangerous ! can make it spring up and flip
Andrew Jones
Andrew Jones - 9 måneder siden
Love a spitfire
lil Youngin 14
lil Youngin 14 - 9 måneder siden
Sould make that original transmission fit that eng.
Tyler bozarth
Tyler bozarth - 9 måneder siden
Camera man is always so stoned his eyes r reder then his hat lol guess that’s why the chronic coffee is his favy lol
Kj16V - 9 måneder siden
Open flywheel and propshaft right next to the driver? NP, driver looks like he's got too many limbs and digits anyway...
josh012345 - 9 måneder siden
i bet you're blowing spark out, tightening your spark plug gap!
Fix It
Fix It - 9 måneder siden
Is that 2 stroke? If so you need an expansion chamber in to exhaust
Stanley - 9 måneder siden
Could it possible to AWD swap it? Maybe twin engine, 400hp one engine for 2 wheels
killian elson
killian elson - 9 måneder siden
Weld that diff
William Bergener
William Bergener - 9 måneder siden
What the hell is with the googly eyes you must realize that your audience is almost exclusively Male.
Tony Pinker
Tony Pinker - 10 måneder siden
Did you guys use the existing diff that was in the car?
Adrian & Kathy Weathersbee
Adrian & Kathy Weathersbee - 10 måneder siden
Drive shaft...You are nuckin futz LoL!
mike golden
mike golden - 10 måneder siden
The TPS On my old sleds retarded timing when not bypassed?
mike golden
mike golden - 10 måneder siden
Was it as simple as TPS??
LUDOVIK MALKOVICH - 10 måneder siden
Drive shaft throws a coupling and tears housing from floor, result high-powered waste disposal unit on wheels, and the driver is waste, just saying like. . . Please enclose that shaft in a steel tunnel,
Harley Likes Magic
Harley Likes Magic - 10 måneder siden
I cant do the weird "time lapse dubstep" shit anymore.
Buck Shot
Buck Shot - 10 måneder siden
Can I send something a little larger to the PO Box address given? Like 5 gallon containers?
Speedytrip - 10 måneder siden
Just don't go for the handbrake, you could regret that lol
Christs Revenge
Christs Revenge - 10 måneder siden
Alright build for tearing up the yard and windy trails. Too bad it doesn't have any top end. Imagine there is going to be a differential swap.
Rob Disco
Rob Disco - 10 måneder siden
I think i love you guys shyt is sick.
Logan Taylor
Logan Taylor - 10 måneder siden
Pleaaase cover that drive shaft, i wiuld hate for one of you guys to loose a leg making a video for us
troy barnhouse
troy barnhouse - 10 måneder siden
When you go boost you need more fuel. You're leaning out when you hit boost which isn't letting it Rev out because your afr is way off.
Mijail De La Cruz Gonzalez
Mijail De La Cruz Gonzalez - 10 måneder siden
Hola, el diferencial es original? Tiene blocaje?
04yfz 450
04yfz 450 - 10 måneder siden
Take your belt off and see if it revs out right if it does it's the gearing
Sad-is- Dick
Sad-is- Dick - 10 måneder siden
Needs some bigger injectors :)
Moss O'Connor
Moss O'Connor - 10 måneder siden
Sad-is- Dick it has carbs?
justin duffey
justin duffey - 10 måneder siden
Consider a different clutch engagement? Make it a bit more drivable.
Bo007 Duke
Bo007 Duke - 10 måneder siden
You guys are awesome, the machines are awesome, the property is awesome and the videoography is awesome!
C - 10 måneder siden
Your drive shaft is dangerous but the protection is more for the torque converter and trans blowing up. Blow your feet off, I’ve seen bellhousings exit the roof of the car
DontDoGarage - 10 måneder siden
Update asap guys 👍
Sam Renhowe
Sam Renhowe - 10 måneder siden
sounds like the rally engine swap from forza
Zak Kena
Zak Kena - 10 måneder siden
gonna be fun until you take the driveshaft in the face...
Yeetboi - 10 måneder siden
6:17 ups truck 😂
Yeetboi - 10 måneder siden
6:17 ups truck 😂
Dialed in Mtb
Dialed in Mtb - 10 måneder siden
Make it road legal!
Natas Ozborne
Natas Ozborne - 10 måneder siden
15:10 that bike tree house elevator is the coolest thing ever! update on tree houses would be nice. And does the rotating one still rotate? Tree must be getting bigger
Cameron Neal
Cameron Neal - 10 måneder siden
Please go full on rally car build it'd be so great to see y'all compete with it!
Jiffy Lube
Jiffy Lube - 10 måneder siden
What is the hp
Teddy F
Teddy F - 10 måneder siden
What camera and editing software do you guys use? it looks better than alot of professional youtube videos I've seen.
Alvin Juniar
Alvin Juniar - 10 måneder siden
Why you dont make a shifter for the r1 gearbox?
Ron Sinner
Ron Sinner - 10 måneder siden
check the fuel pump pressure because of the length and its not above the engine
Life in Washington
Life in Washington - 10 måneder siden
This is going to be so awesome. I can't wait to watch the build. I've never seen anything like this before. I hope you guys make it SEMI quality from bumper to bumper. Nice job guys, this is soooooo cool.
ThugMcStudmuffin - 10 måneder siden
Might put softer springs in the drive clutch, get more speed out of it that way
David Baucom
David Baucom - 10 måneder siden
Please put a guard on the driveline, the only thing keeping you from being dismembered is a $10 universal joint.
A J - 10 måneder siden
What wheels are on the Toyota pickup?
bondvagabond42 - 10 måneder siden
That thing is 2 stroke right? Aren't 2 strokes real sensitive to changes in exhaust system? Maybe that is why it ran good in the sled, but not in the triumph?
jdsstegman - 10 måneder siden
That sound, sounds like cv carbs with no back pressure. The slides only get a half way up and then start to flutter and not open fully.
mrjkwrangler07 - 10 måneder siden
Wicked build, you guys have a seriously amazing looking property!
Probably Jammin
Probably Jammin - 10 måneder siden
Grip heaters lol
michael hirtle
michael hirtle - 10 måneder siden
Air to fuel is lean..... at least on first test. You figured it out though.
You add more air (force it actually),,,,,, you need more fuel to compensate
Wyatt Blevins
Wyatt Blevins - 10 måneder siden
i love it still has bitteroot plates haha
Paul Baillie
Paul Baillie - 10 måneder siden
Please fix the driveline.
Daniel Björs
Daniel Björs - 10 måneder siden
seems kinda risky jetting a boosted engine with no wideband.
Sterling Ross
Sterling Ross - 10 måneder siden
I like the swap , wanted to do a triumph rocket swap into a miata but I'm no back yard garage hero.
SENPAI LANCE - 10 måneder siden
Side pipes