Snowmobile Powered Car Test Drive! Supercharged RX1

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Today our 1962 Triumph Spitfire runs way better! We try to install racing seats and make a proper gas pedal so we can use that crazy power from the supercharged Yamaha RX1 snowmobile engine. Time for a test drive! Next episode we will do exhaust, fabricate at roll cage and a clutch guard and then we will be able to really send it!
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Runtime: 13:50


Dias Jayadewa
Dias Jayadewa - 2 måneder siden
Very fast I like it
Rocky River Mushrooms
Rocky River Mushrooms - 2 måneder siden
Lookup harmless farmer on youtube and then come back to the part where he is sitting beside certain death.
Ian James
Ian James - 6 måneder siden
Great effort. It is actually no more dangerous than before. That backend needs sorting but as soon as you do the loads will crack the floor to bits in no time.
Pain - 8 måneder siden
11:02 - 11:06 He's like "That's what she said."
Luis Rondon
Luis Rondon - 8 måneder siden
Robert Mackenzie
Robert Mackenzie - 9 måneder siden
Studded tires on a lake would be fun!
Weld a steel loop for that driveshaft!
Jason Christiansen
Jason Christiansen - 9 måneder siden
Good Grinds Welding
Good Grinds Welding - 10 måneder siden
If I had a dollar for every slipping blower belt that I've heard about ...
AxeUserX - 10 måneder siden
put the seats in the jag or the lawn mower
Pierre-Marc Dionne
Pierre-Marc Dionne - 11 måneder siden
love the sounds of it.
Cole Nicolson
Cole Nicolson - 11 måneder siden
When’s the next part coming?
Kenny Coye
Kenny Coye - 11 måneder siden
My wife just asked me why I was laughing in Aww so hard...i don't laugh often, so I rewound the take off in the Triumph, and showed her! Thats why!! So Rad. Man oh man!! Right on!!
Tony Says
Tony Says - 11 måneder siden
You guys are crazy rock and roll
Glockspecific - 11 måneder siden
Oh great, he has hearing protection guys, its all good! Lol
dwayner - 11 måneder siden
av a go the way she is mate
Gary Burbank88
Gary Burbank88 - 11 måneder siden
Why not us a MGB Midget Seat they would work perfect
Potato Boy
Potato Boy - 11 måneder siden
Very cool man
Bob Onit
Bob Onit - 11 måneder siden
Can u put a transmission in it
Elhumilde z31
Elhumilde z31 - 11 måneder siden
Smart build guys
DurdyClaude - 11 måneder siden
I can't forgive the sloppy drive-shaft configuration....ruined a cool car....put a real motor in it.
PiDsMedia - 11 måneder siden
Triumph would defs approve this project, given the bikes they've made.
Subbing to see how this one works out - looks like it'd be a great Hillclimb or track day car.
Vlad - 11 måneder siden
Nothing like racing seats and harnesses bolted to a rusty floor. Why are you even bothering?
JPLX Labelle
JPLX Labelle - 11 måneder siden
Wtf.. You chop the car cause the seats you ordered are too big? That's just nuts..
Remove the seat upholstery and chop the seats! Wtf are you thinking....?
Nicole C
Nicole C - 11 måneder siden
That is incredible
THAT Guy - 11 måneder siden
Why does youtube keep recommending this to me? This type of content disgusts me.
TWK Soulezz
TWK Soulezz - År siden
Drive shaft snaps, boom ur ded
Cody Britton
Cody Britton - År siden
Hey man before you go change the gearing check in to clutches for it. I mess with them a lot in the four wheeler world on can ams they sell billet clutches for adjustable weights and spring rates
Patriot Rob
Patriot Rob - År siden
I would so rally race that car!!👍👍
Brett Henry
Brett Henry - År siden
When are you guys going to finish the Triumph?
Garrett - År siden
Gonna have to give this a thumbs down for that unprotected driveshaft. That is incredibly dangerous dude.
Cube Fish
Cube Fish - År siden
This is just American garage 54
Dwayne Padgett
Dwayne Padgett - År siden
You simply need to NOT with the music
Vuro - År siden
That thing sounds beautiful
Bill Gorsey
Bill Gorsey - År siden
Go heavy on that belt guard... Iv blown Aluminum snowmachine belt covers appart blowing a belt. Could only imagine a leg
Justin Daniel
Justin Daniel - År siden
You guys are something else I see that you are successful because you have team work. I pray with faith that you would become faithful in the Lord Jesus always having faith that you know that He has your back and your life no matter what can happen you know that the Lord is with you always and that he cares for you. And no matter what if you did happened to lose everything you would have a reason to use your faith in the Lord knowing that He's there for you. Have faith in the Lord, And he will make your path straight. faith is pleasing to God.
Oh those seats...... no no no no......
Jason S
Jason S - År siden
You guys will do just fine in a Mad Max world.
Elliottdc11 - År siden
Lower stall torque converter springs
William Walls
William Walls - År siden
Cut and extend the front end 12" it would solve many problems except can it be done and still have the frigidity to handle cornering?
Glenn Kotas
Glenn Kotas - År siden
Jonesing for an update on this one...…..
Joel Loya
Joel Loya - År siden
It's a TURBO not a supercharger.
Rc Dude
Rc Dude - År siden
You guys should probably have a transmission on that thing!
Kenji - År siden
imagine bashing your elbow on that driveshaft.. yikes
electrontube - År siden
Ethan: "Let's build a roll cage for it!" Ed: "We need to install the seats first." Ethan: "I said ROLL CAGE"
Money Grip
Money Grip - År siden
Suggesting a gear vendors overdrive unit to strap to the back of that transfer case its electrically activated and it’ll drop the rpms check it out
Jose luis Silva
Jose luis Silva - År siden
These should get hired by Richard Rawlings 🤙🏽 these videos remind me of Gas monkey garage
Brian B
Brian B - År siden
I'm 69 yrs. old. You fellas remind me of my friends and I when we were young. Love to watch, keep up the cool content.
Martin Lyngdoh
Martin Lyngdoh - År siden
Be cooler if u gave it a manual gearbox
P!cs - År siden
11:08 I've got an audi allroad aswell, seems like they are always on E lol
Three words

Powerglide Klyde Barrow
LMAO An open driveshaft for the test drive!?! I LOVE THESE GUYS!!! Brothers from other mothers out here Doing it for Dale!!
Mouse Gipson
Mouse Gipson - År siden
Awesome videos I just found you guys channel today. Gracias cabrones
BLACK GSD54 - År siden
I had a pristine 69 Spitfire..Spotless minty..You are killing me...
Edgar Diaz
Edgar Diaz - År siden
Gracias por los subtítulos!!!!
Grind Hard Plumbing Co
De nada!
Michael Stanley
Michael Stanley - År siden
That's one waisted Spitfire.
stephan B
stephan B - År siden
why is the guy behind the camera talking so slowly and has to repeat what is being said it's annoying
RevFab - År siden
Damn, was hoping for a 2-stroke engine, 4-stroke sled engine = basically a streetbike engine.
RevFab - År siden
Your lack of safety is appalling
Daniell Andersson
Daniell Andersson - År siden
the belt eater is alive!!!
Bob Ordewald
Bob Ordewald - År siden
Very cool project. I just wish you had started with a less collectable car. How about four stubby mufflers and then run the pipes out of the side of the fender. It would be loud but the cool factor would be really high!
Ivor the engine
Ivor the engine - År siden
This is wot people do now instead of getting a real job!!
Chicago Rc
Chicago Rc - År siden
No roll cage no helmet no shaft guard no safety whatsoever? I think skydiving with no parachute would be next on your channel🤦‍♂️ come on guys I know it's just a test but testing your luck and testing the car is very different.
dirtrider88 - År siden
these guys are incredibly stupid and Im not even talking about anything safety related
David Baum
David Baum - År siden
You could have hooked up a hose to the fuel rail on the Beamer and gotten fuel that way. Where a mechanic would hook up a pressure gauge to see what the fuel pressure is.
Jáàÿš Šmb ŠŠ
Jáàÿš Šmb ŠŠ - År siden
thats lit though snowmobile motor in car y’all should compete with cars and cameras
Terry's Speed shop
Terry's Speed shop - År siden
Don't wear neck ties near the drive shaft
Alex - År siden
Holy shit bro that driveshaft
Goproextreme - År siden
video starts at 8:20 (:
keith baker
keith baker - År siden
Surprised that the body and chassis is still on the road...most of those spitfires and GT6's here in the UK have now reverted into 4 buckets of rust! Talking of handling, those cars have a crap rear end. You used to be able to get a negative camber rear spring which improved handling a bit!!! If that is a stock gearbox and diff it will never last, I had a very hot 1300 years ago. It would throw the locking circlip on the 3rd motion shaft cluster losing 2nd and 3rd gears and it ate rear diffs...I had to replace the drive train with 2ltr Triumph Vitesse components. You also need to fit a servo to that thing.
Dream Diction
Dream Diction - År siden
3 minutes in and I clicked away because I still know nothing about the car.
Bo007 Duke
Bo007 Duke - År siden
Put the seats in the Taco!
Tom Kat
Tom Kat - År siden
That drive shaft jesus. haha
GEMIZU - År siden
Driveshaft awfully fucking close to your elbow mate!!! :O
Ted Sutherland
Ted Sutherland - År siden
I'm normally not a safety nazi, but I've seen enough driveshafts break, to know that I don't want to be anywhere near them when they do. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that. I love the content and appreciate the "just send it" attitude, but if you don't want to live the rest of your life horribly crippled/disfigured, or even dead, then please cover that driveshaft.
Sgt. Tacticool
Sgt. Tacticool - År siden
I think a small 5 speed manual might be able to help with that rpm issue😉
garrett braun
garrett braun - År siden
Need to put a safety guard on that driveshaft.
David Stephens
David Stephens - År siden
Why not do a turbo LS, fat tires, and widebody flares? It's popular because it's a cheap way to make any car more fun.
Tina G
Tina G - År siden
driveshaft safety loop ? that u joint breaks its going to be like a garden hose whipping around ** i would stay on dirt until you put a safety loop in .
Slobaru - År siden
Cover that driveshaft
mtacoustic1 - År siden
HOLY COW!!  Put a guard on that driveshaft!!  One fraction of a second of inattention and you will be minus an arm!!!!!
leandro aguirre
leandro aguirre - År siden
Many thanks to your wife for putting the substitutes in Spanish, the truth is appreciated to understand their perspective of what they do
Chef Nick
Chef Nick - År siden
Happy Monday
You guys have the best veical builds.
Rock on
Rick Morrow
Rick Morrow - År siden
when motors are running turn the fucken music off!
Youhaverights Copshaveduties
Those are not small seats. They bulge everywhere
amorton94 - År siden
It's honestly becoming torture for me to watch your videos. I watch them at my desk job and there is very little I'd like to do more than what you guys do. Keep up the awesome work and have fun!
RDF - År siden
Looks like a turbo charger on the engine, not a super charger.
Billi Bufford
Billi Bufford - År siden
Yamaha snowmobile engine in a triumph spitfire....crazy homie
tre bushett
tre bushett - År siden
I see you've still got that murderous swing axle in residence - a sure-fire fast one-way ticket to the morgue !
dank donkerson
dank donkerson - År siden
why would you ruin a perfectly good 1962 Triumph Spitfire by putting a snowmobile engine in it? just to say your car runs on a snowmobile engine? why not a chainsaw engine, it makes about as munch sense.
you know, back in 1977 there was a kid in my town who took a 1973 Vaga and put in a 427 engine in it, it was his daily ride and he pretty much had to drive it from the back seat which was weird but at least he used a "car" engine and had the sense to put wheelie bars on it
Phantom Formula
Phantom Formula - År siden
Needs fiero seats
Garfish - År siden
Pure filth.
Keep of coming
Wade Chubb
Wade Chubb - År siden
Wow you guys are smart and do good work .. good video
james goodwin
james goodwin - År siden
It’s a bit slow hahahahaha
Patrick Moore
Patrick Moore - År siden
You Need Exhaust to tune the Engine RPM Torque, as it is now you can hurt it getting cold air back up in the Head throwing it out of tune for best Power and Scavenging run 4 into one! ! Definatly Rebuild the Tunnel and Build Driveline Hoops on Both Ends of the Driveshaft!!
K. Majlaton
K. Majlaton - År siden
I have a Spit 6 and I applaude your efforts but please stop building this monstrosity!!!
MrBRANDON123BB - År siden
You know it’s dangerous when EVEN road kill wouldn’t drive stubby bob with the drive shaft exposed
Olivier Roy
Olivier Roy - År siden
Do something with that open drive shaft. You will lose fingers. I lost an arm like this when I was 5. There's no coming back from this. I'm a machinist, I'm used to deal with spinning objects, but you can easily be distracted while driving.
Goog User
Goog User - År siden
Cover that FUCKING driveshaft
Wg Cdr Luddite
Wg Cdr Luddite - År siden
A classic example of how bubba has no understanding of history and culture. Don't restore that iconic vintage car- amateurishly chop it up and destroy it. You utter morons.
vern e
vern e - År siden
What about clutch spring, counterweights, ramps, secondary spring, helix, think it might need to be adjusted to the build?