Supercharged Snowmobile Engine First Start! Triumph Spitfire.

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Our supercharged Yamaha RX1 starts for the first time in our Triumph Spitfire! We finished all of the custom engine mounts, ran all the fuel lines and took care of all the wiring. Subscribe to watch the next steps! We will build a custom roll cage, install racing seats and harnesses and make a custom pedal assembly. I cant wait to drift and autocross this thing!
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big country
big country - 3 måneder siden
Wow. You shouldn't show the lathe clip. Someone's going to see that and think it's ok to do. You're a fart away from losing some fingers with the grinder and no gloves. But on a lathe that's bevis and butthead stuff. Take a few seconds and use a bandsaw leaving a few millimeters. Then face the end of it with a cutter on the lathe. Also stick as much as you can in the chuck. With your part hanging out like that with out the tail stock live center it's going to taper big time. Just a general rule of thumb. I'm no expert but the only hand held tool on a lathe should be a file to smooth an edge. Other than that it's a cool project you got going
alex 1
alex 1 - 3 måneder siden
have you ever think build sometihing with electric powertrain? like swonmobile engine+generator+ 2 or 4eledtricmotors to wheels? i think it maybe wil be cool if it is very lite at same time
alex 1
alex 1 - 3 måneder siden
your channel is maybe best "motor channel" in youtube 😃
Richard Benitez
Richard Benitez - 4 måneder siden
And you should too toned Connor the original color with white on top
Richard Benitez
Richard Benitez - 4 måneder siden
Call her snow white
Sammy Rothrock
Sammy Rothrock - 4 måneder siden
Its a sin a classic car with a snowmobile engine.. The PVT looks abit dangerous maybe lose a foot?
Jeremy Pracht
Jeremy Pracht - 5 måneder siden
do you still have the original cluster for that spitfire? im currently restoring a 68 mk3 and they guy i got it from scraped it already.
Patrick Hamilton
Patrick Hamilton - 7 måneder siden
🏁🏁🏁interesting race🏎️🏎️🏎️
1:40 💗🔥💚
BMF SPEEDSHOP - 9 måneder siden
Looks like a fun little toy! Kinda want to build something like this! I just found a spitfire shell for 300$
Kolby Kelley
Kolby Kelley - 10 måneder siden
Pretty sure that turbo company was just smart enough to say that so everyone would buy the oil from them without worry of warranty I’m sure any oil will work that is the correct viscosity
Dave Vincent
Dave Vincent - 10 måneder siden
It fits like it was made to be
Urge38 - 11 måneder siden
survives 40 odd years prity much, then wrecked in a few months by idiots
Kenny Coye
Kenny Coye - 11 måneder siden
Who ever hit the thumbs down, assuming a male, has no nuts! " Come on people, this is every mans dream"!! Shame on you! Awesome vid!!
Farmer Fix It
Farmer Fix It - 11 måneder siden
You need to set the deflection on the drive belt. It shouldn’t be that loose. You tighten in by adjusting the sheaves on the secondary. They are open too much. It will engage smoother and start off at a slower speed. To get lower engagement rpm you can put a softer initial rate spring in the primary.
Nicole C
Nicole C - 11 måneder siden
Lynn Poole
Lynn Poole - År siden
For god's sake tone down the ''music''.
Bobs Your Uncle
Bobs Your Uncle - År siden
Don't know what use are talking about but that sounds so fucking mad put a bonnet scoop and bonnet mufflers on it
Otto Sump
Otto Sump - År siden
Snow mobile engine ? , looks like it's taken from a motorcycle.
Andrew - År siden
Vids that are hard to watch in reverse. Lol
Lil Gromlin
Lil Gromlin - År siden
I live in Idaho, I’m assuming that is where you guys live as well considering all of the talk about Idaho you guys make. I have a couple home made go karts, we should go for a ride sometime and meet up!!
Putup Orshutup
Putup Orshutup - År siden
Sure love to see more of this build, It,s time to rip this thing around the mountain.
dwhollrah - År siden
Bring belts!
Powerglide Klyde Barrow
ive put "professional C.A.D. technician" and have used interchangeable words for the letters to best suit each new job accordingly> Love this channel!! Do it for Dale!
Red S0vietArtilery
Red S0vietArtilery - År siden
The engine sounds like from a plane
So it is a spitfire
American WildChilds
American WildChilds - År siden
Just curious... What about reverse?
Gorilla Garage
Gorilla Garage - År siden
I'm so damn keen for the next instalment of this build!! 🙌 Can't wait!
Hunter Sherrick
Hunter Sherrick - År siden
How fast will that car kart go?
El Sibarita Del Castillo
Para volar
mike barnard
mike barnard - År siden
What is the tool bing used at 2:11 called? Thanks
Hard seltzer
Hard seltzer - År siden
Need air flow to that intercooler
SEEN CICIO - År siden
Show more !
Dragon800 - År siden
10:40 umm that sounds super lean like as in its about to melt down...
Noah Risner
Noah Risner - År siden
Boom King76
Boom King76 - År siden
👍 it’s cool. So is that Barbie Jeep.
Michael Schaller
Michael Schaller - År siden
Thank g-d you have decided to use your superpowers for good !
Friggin’ evil genius thats good 🤷‍♂️
peter greaney
peter greaney - År siden
Watch the most recent Donut Media video. Your welcome
Mariusza Ciołek
Mariusza Ciołek - År siden
Quentin Hargrave
Quentin Hargrave - År siden
You guys are awesome thank for sharing your awesome videos
Jesse Happyjack
Jesse Happyjack - År siden
Make 3 hood exit exhauts
That oil is designed to run at below zero all the time, is it a good idea to use it in this application,
none none
none none - År siden
should have installed a 4 or 5 speed gear box
Yung Berno
Yung Berno - År siden
GHPC got featured on donut media! Congratz!
I love Lucas electric...NOT
1woksape - År siden
Sounds like a masaratti or something..
brad08stanggt - År siden
Love this build! I hope the gearing is spot on for you guys!
bashr52 - År siden
IS that an LS van with the front removed I see? Possible Jag transplant donor?
Thomas Wykes
Thomas Wykes - År siden
Those early MkII Spitfires are so rare now. In the northern hemisphere, most rusted away years ago. I'm sorry, but this is such a waste of a pretty car which looks original and rot free. It would fetch about £8k in the UK - but not now.
steve anderson
steve anderson - År siden
For a rad to keep things super cool and lots of fluid running would be a aluminum 4 core big block Chevy rad !
Family shelton
Family shelton - År siden
Just seen you guys are number 3 on donut media, you guys are amazing. This is hands down my favorite channel!
Longshot K1
Longshot K1 - År siden
Found this randomly. Gotta ask why a snowmobile motor ?
Collin Kuhn
Collin Kuhn - År siden
Compact, barely weighs anything and it's over twice the horsepower of what they took out of it
Dom - År siden
Please paint the body of the jeep hot pink and the grille black as long with the and the "roll bar" its giving me OCD I dont like it
Dane Hartsough
Dane Hartsough - År siden
Itd be cool I f you had the exhaust go thru the hood
Emilio Luna
Emilio Luna - År siden
You guys made it into donut media !! Congratulations
Windber Rudi
Windber Rudi - År siden
Isnt belt driven a bad choice because the amount of stress on the belt?
Luke Adamson
Luke Adamson - År siden
Donut Media just gave you guys a shout out! You’re rolling with the big dogs now!
Luke Adamson
Luke Adamson - År siden
I feel like that sound naturally shouldn’t belong in that car but... once you thrash it about I bet you guys will feel it should have always been there.
Walter turquoise
Walter turquoise - År siden
Im planning on making a tricycle build and i have almost everything planned out but i need help figuring out how to mount the engine so if you know reply please 😅
Hunter Nelson
Hunter Nelson - År siden
Makes me miss my Triumph and MG. But they werent supercharged like this one lol
Sergio Perez
Sergio Perez - År siden
Im here because of Dognut media leave a like if u subscribed to these guys
Jon Anderson
Jon Anderson - År siden
Nolan at donut media gave a shouts out to you.
iAaronnn - År siden
Who is here from Wheelhouse?
Horsestick MPG
Horsestick MPG - År siden
Put the grip heaters in the drivers heat, boom heated seat lmao
2fast4you2 - År siden
NAAAHHH Hayabusa that 💩💩💩💩💩, much easy to get things done, plus more paaaaawwwaaa !!!!
StraightSixBenz - År siden
155 old men that own a Spitfire disliked this video
Sauron Green
Sauron Green - År siden
This would make a great sleeper car.
madjimms - År siden
Why didnt you just make a bell housing adapter for normal trans?
Tony Alexander
Tony Alexander - År siden
Just found this...I put a Buick V6 in a Spitfire back in the 80's it was a frame twister... The little car is fun to drive !
Alastair Curtis
Alastair Curtis - År siden
Its a turbo isn't it
Leaky - År siden
Ohhh, what is salmon wiring!?
TEAM clipping
TEAM clipping - År siden
Holy shit does Ethan look exactly like Danny Masterson
DakGuy05 - År siden
Hey there's a new off-brand power wheels at Walmart that's an old Bronco. You should use that body for the next power wheels build or the Ram 3500 one
turbolq4 - År siden
Get ahold of a yxz trans possibly. Sequential manual plus reverse!
MrRichinil - År siden
No reverse ? That will make it tough to get out of parking spots .
Brad Shantz
Brad Shantz - År siden
Hey what was the name of your guy's credit card sponsor. I cant seem to find the right video it was in
GallerTheHoly - År siden
Exhaust through the hood straight up or angled would be absolutely badass
Brad Clark
Brad Clark - År siden
Should of had the car transmission instead of the CVT.
lb1 - År siden
The cars transmission would've exploded from the power
ELViS L - År siden
So cool wow
jonysevn - År siden
Micah Dunn
Micah Dunn - År siden
Do rotated header out the hood
Bill Brasky
Bill Brasky - År siden
A literal Spitfire! LOL!
42lookc - År siden
There's more than just fabrication talent involved to do a job like this. It's just plain guts to even take it on in the first place and a shipload of troubleshooting skills.
Reverend D
Reverend D - År siden
Very cool, maybe its just a cringe thing, but you Machine something down, not Lathe it... I know its semantics...... Cool, once gearing is sorted thats gonna be fun. Nice job!
IBRanger - År siden
Is that a 4x4 Camaro parked in the hillside?
DukeSky - År siden
That was the first car I rolled, a 69 Triumph Spitfire broke my fucken nose....
Drake Wille
Drake Wille - År siden
Incredibly cool stuff here guys. Always look forward to watching your videos
bigviking0001 - År siden
Long shot: I actually have one 1965 spitfire seat if you want it. It needs reupholstering. Let me know! I also have a Flex Plate Shield and planetary shield for a power glide tranny which might help in building your guards in the cockpit. Shield looks like this, but not a TCI.
Riderman - År siden
vid was okay once i muted it .
the "music" is horrible .
bob Last
bob Last - År siden
Nice! Anxious to see it finished.
David Michael
David Michael - År siden
I LOVE you guys!
Daniel Dogic
Daniel Dogic - År siden
Hell yea ive wanted to see this done since 2016
GediSpock - År siden
wmden1 - År siden
Great post. Nothing like the first start on a project. I don't know what the horse power of that engine is, but gear it right and I figure it will be BAAAAD. I love semi, "Seat of the pants" engineering and fabrication. Making gaskets brings back many memories.
Steven Seelbach
Steven Seelbach - År siden
Man keep it up I love videos and shows that turn there cars in to there creations especially your videos
Carson Everett
Carson Everett - År siden
Give them a like because they had to sped 100$$ to help the projects in the future and subscrib please
Brady Bergen
Brady Bergen - År siden
Y'all need to get kirkey racing seats with racequip harnesses
Mathias Laakkonen
Mathias Laakkonen - År siden
Won't the expansion chamber be needed for it to run right?
Rae Anker
Rae Anker - År siden
Seeing that Ethan does most of the work ,does this mean little bro is Frodo of grind hard plumbing.
Jake F
Jake F - År siden
This thing needs UEL headers. That would be fantastic :D
Richard rockwall
Richard rockwall - År siden
Like the lawnmower fuel filter. Need to replace that guy. Just something I noticed
MR MEMESTER - År siden
This one of the best YouTube channels out here like if you agree