The 100HP Power Wheels Jeep is Finished! Painting and Final Look!

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Enter the welder kit and $2,000 giveaway here We finished the 4x4 100HP off road go kart! I took 79 days of overtime but it was so worth it! Thank you guys for watching the build series and if you want to see more long term projects like this let us know in the comments!
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Grind Hard Plumbing Co
Grind Hard Plumbing Co - 3 måneder siden
Enter the welder kit and $2,000 giveaway Thank you guys for all of the support! We are reading every comment so let us know if you want to see more video series like this!
Jennifer Sanders
Jennifer Sanders - 15 dager siden
How much would you sell that for
cliff corbitt
cliff corbitt - Måned siden
at 17:00 you are as proud of your jeep as those dogs are there balls.
Aan tv18
Aan tv18 - Måned siden
Salam dari dunia otomotif Indonesia
Nikoleta Nikolaou
Nikoleta Nikolaou - Måned siden
@Mart Kern 7υ να δούμε αν
Jay Walworth
Jay Walworth - 2 måneder siden
If u heat up the Lucas for abt 30 secs in a microwave or will be esear
Vin Teim
Vin Teim - 3 dager siden
G vjjv
Marino zemann
Marino zemann - 4 dager siden
Wich brand ist the Motor on the jeep?
Nancy madrigales
Nancy madrigales - 5 dager siden
Can i have that racer
Too Fancy Jr
Too Fancy Jr - 5 dager siden
Do a Warthog from Halo next please!...maybe throw in a nerf war too, lol.
Ron Hagan
Ron Hagan - 5 dager siden
Love your builds.
502 [C.H]
502 [C.H] - 7 dager siden
Should have made it a WHITE BRONCO!!
Tom Nelson Jr.
Tom Nelson Jr. - 7 dager siden
New channel! Hope you all have a good day
Ethan B
Ethan B - 8 dager siden
If a mad max situation ever happens. I'm going straight to these guys
Dennis R Cole
Dennis R Cole - 8 dager siden
Amazing display of your engineering and fabrication skills ! I just have one criticism , Point the exhaust away from the tire .
lbtours lbtours
lbtours lbtours - 9 dager siden
Hey bro do u have a email ?
J stay get get gettin it in
J stay get get gettin it in - 9 dager siden
Turn it into a rock crawler
J stay get get gettin it in
J stay get get gettin it in - 9 dager siden
John deere Greene woulda been sick af too
Levis Rosewood
Levis Rosewood - 9 dager siden
shatter boxx twist
shatter boxx twist - 11 dager siden
Excellent video , love the fast forward action !
Syrup Drizzle
Syrup Drizzle - 13 dager siden
Exhausts pointing to the ground light fires
thomas barlow
thomas barlow - 14 dager siden
I would be so proud of this. Well done chaps.
Steven Jennings
Steven Jennings - 14 dager siden
Awesome informational educational video experience Y'alls God Bless Ya 🙏
dallyson ricardo
dallyson ricardo - 14 dager siden
Donald Flowers
Donald Flowers - 21 dag siden
what would one cost if you built one for sale
Free Jogos
Free Jogos - 26 dager siden
How much does your jeep weigh?
Lluís Guiamet
Lluís Guiamet - 27 dager siden
Possible to get a Coronel Senders 2?
Ильдар Ханнанов
It looks like RC model in preview!
Chris Hernandez
Chris Hernandez - Måned siden
If you ever decide to throw some turn signals on there you can’t go wrong with XTC power products
Patrick F C Bronsema
Patrick F C Bronsema - Måned siden
One Word: AWESOME 🤗😁
Dave turbo
Dave turbo - Måned siden
Tom Tom
Tom Tom - Måned siden
Hey there ...
Greetings from Germany.
I admire you for this great work. You have created a great new fun vehicle. That is quite an engineering achievement. But what I don't understand then, why are you crawling around on the floor to work on the vehicle. Build a work platform, so that you can work comfortably. That would save you a lot of energy and time. And work is sure to be even more fun.
But still, you did a fantastic job.
Pulei W katgangshujei
Pulei W katgangshujei - Måned siden
Sir...r u ready to sell? And please allow me to know the price?
Mammoth 56
Mammoth 56 - Måned siden
Love how you kept the street signs unpainted. This thing looks sick. Nice work.
mohit kumar Pandey
mohit kumar Pandey - Måned siden
Jenusha Gautam
Jenusha Gautam - Måned siden
Jay Boogie79
Jay Boogie79 - Måned siden
It's a Widebody because it has "fender flares"
Widebody concept is way overhyped and overrated🤢🤮🥴
Lord Dalton Corey
Lord Dalton Corey - Måned siden
Finish Dude
Finish Dude - Måned siden
This is not a build this is art.
Metalhead Monster
Metalhead Monster - Måned siden
Dude put a roll cage on that thing! its not finished.......
Douglas Linnell
Douglas Linnell - Måned siden
Hi Kathy here
Awesome 💜it
Thanks for sharing
Kevin D
Kevin D - Måned siden
builds it.... doesnt ride it... ugh
Pablo Lopez
Pablo Lopez - Måned siden
Muy buen vehículo de verdad y practico para el usuario y ligero
AIRBOYS team - Måned siden
what hang glider is this one hanging from?
alexa hernandez
alexa hernandez - Måned siden
Ls swap this, mini Jeep role cage
Bastian Schmidt
Bastian Schmidt - Måned siden
what motor does it have?
Cliff Campbell
Cliff Campbell - Måned siden
Stainless steel doesn't accept paint very well, so my question is: how well does stainless steel paint adhere to surfaces?
D E - Måned siden
That's a fun toy
Jack Amberson
Jack Amberson - Måned siden
I think you better put a roll cage on it just for your safety
Aan tv18
Aan tv18 - Måned siden
Keren Salam dari dunia otomotif Indonesia
I Am
I Am - Måned siden
Roll cage?
williams rafael matos terrero
Es un genio , bendiciones
Travis Yarbrough
Travis Yarbrough - Måned siden
Are u selling it
James Burgess
James Burgess - Måned siden
Very Nice.
David Ghimire
David Ghimire - Måned siden
Is it only me or I saw it as a RC modified jeep?
Yankee Boys
Yankee Boys - Måned siden
Good job guys it’s really awesome 👏
Adams daily drive
Adams daily drive - Måned siden
Would u sell??
Malenkiy Vuk
Malenkiy Vuk - Måned siden
Прикольная развлекуха... Класс
Narblo - Måned siden
How good does it jump?
David DZ
David DZ - Måned siden
Kiran - Måned siden
Plz replace plastic with carbon fiber... plz?
Alex - Måned siden
A 7mgte motor in the tractor nice!
Jake Paul God just one god
Hey guys how much do you want for it I'm a kid and I really want it and that's my dream thing to have
Linh Nhi Vlog
Linh Nhi Vlog - Måned siden
Who can read this comment
1 Won't Fa anymore ❤
2 Money is like the wind 🍃
3 Achieved the title of excellent student 🏆
Someone kind, help me channel, ae
Appletini iBake
Appletini iBake - Måned siden
Y u no paint gassy tankies?
xo nxtro
xo nxtro - Måned siden
I want to make one but we probably are going to need a metal frame like you guys have but we can’t weld so what do you suggest doing. Also what tire size do you suggest?
Suchint Sharma
Suchint Sharma - Måned siden
Saw the whole video. Nothing in it except crap.
Wanted to see it running, not your Crappy irritating voice. Psycho.
Scott Hangartner
Scott Hangartner - Måned siden
Such a cool build. You used every square inch of that frame to pack stuff in.
Corgan Emrich
Corgan Emrich - Måned siden
3:30 looks like a funnel cake
Kartik Bhargava
Kartik Bhargava - Måned siden
I want to build one will u plz help me out with the chessy desgin
Bartek Kędziora
Bartek Kędziora - Måned siden
Khawaja Atif
Khawaja Atif - Måned siden
V exilent super ❤️💕
It doesn't even look real. If you didn't know at a glance it's like a Hotwheels for
Lower Felix
Lower Felix - Måned siden
Turbo it
Matthew Downs
Matthew Downs - Måned siden
Inspiration 😎💯 so badass
Anugrah John
Anugrah John - Måned siden
Felt like an RC model 😂 when I saw the thumbnail First . Wow amazing guys Love from India
OutDoor WithDeen
OutDoor WithDeen - Måned siden
When adding Lucas it’s always good idea to put it in a hot water before putting it in. When it’s hot it comes out easier 😊
Olympian Dog
Olympian Dog - Måned siden
Doesn't the plastic body melt around the engine?
Rusty Shackleford
Rusty Shackleford - Måned siden
Putting the body on it definitely made it look sooo much better !!! 👍👍👍
Rusty Shackleford
Rusty Shackleford - Måned siden
I think 🤔 I would have painted the frame a bright red color or chromed it !!! 👍👍👍
Rusty Shackleford
Rusty Shackleford - Måned siden
It looked like a toy RC car in the thumbnail !!! It’s totally awesome !!! 👍👍👍
Toucan - Måned siden
Let’s be honest if you didn’t watch the full video you have to
Blondell DePass
Blondell DePass - Måned siden
U should be making parts molds as u go along. This is a brand.
kris wajahpribumi
kris wajahpribumi - Måned siden
talk too much
MarkusSVK - Måned siden
Please stop ADS!!!!
Dũng le
Dũng le - Måned siden
Vietnam like nha.
Freeman 38
Freeman 38 - Måned siden
Paint the tanks PLEASE!!!! My OCD... XD
Taneesh Pradyumna
Taneesh Pradyumna - Måned siden
this power wheel is faster than my car which makes 70hp
Shameemudheen K
Shameemudheen K - Måned siden
Cemara man supper 💥🥳
Mon Storm
Mon Storm - Måned siden
I want by this. How much?
lucky_ sense8
lucky_ sense8 - Måned siden
Where did u get the jeep kit to buy?
Joel - Måned siden
I watched this whole video and you didn’t even drive or turn the turd on?
ibdustin15 - Måned siden
Do you think my 5 year old could handle this? Looking to upgrade!
JL FC FIRE MC - Måned siden
can someone just give me a free gas golf cart
Pramod Krishnan
Pramod Krishnan - Måned siden
ha... ha.... ha...... its not running.... ha... 😀😀😀😀😀👎👎👎👎👎
No Brakes
No Brakes - Måned siden
Why no roll bar mate . You don't like walking ?
Nicholas Greene
Nicholas Greene - Måned siden
How much would it be for u guys to make and sell these
Mattias Carlson
Mattias Carlson - Måned siden
Put in a turbo. Lol
proskuneo - Måned siden
jos...... good... and great
Drew Bess
Drew Bess - Måned siden
I’ve been watching your videos since you started
MADNIS - Måned siden
*I'm up in Kootenai county.*
Noticed the *Idaho plates* on that bad boy!
Subscribed and going to check out more. 🤘🏽
MADNIS - Måned siden
Quit denying my existence and call me ASAP!

Anyone else wish this was their dad though? 🤣😥
Holy shit I just realized he also lives in Idaho. 😬
Michael Guthmiller
Michael Guthmiller - Måned siden
Next time put the Lucas in the microwave for a couple minutes
krabby patty
krabby patty - Måned siden
ill buy it 10k
danny lane
danny lane - Måned siden
Got my Barbie Escalade body and a tt500 motor I just need a pipe bender to start the process
Karaeng baso
Karaeng baso - Måned siden