The 4X4 Jeep gets huge upgrades! Rekluse clutch and more.

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Our 100HP toy Jeep finally gets a Rekluse clutch! This simi automatic clutch makes a huge difference for crawling and climbing! now all we need is lights and we are ready to over land! Check out Grind Hard Merch here
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Justin Berryman
Justin Berryman - Dag siden
I would definitely build a roll cage or a least a roll bar behind the seat so you don't roll onto your head and id fab a engine cage over the top of the motor so you don't roll and fill those pretty throttle body's with some dirt and mud
Brenden Thost
Brenden Thost - 2 dager siden
How many likes to get you guys to run it through the ping??
Dr. Gonzo
Dr. Gonzo - 2 dager siden
Roll Bar!
Eli Lachappa
Eli Lachappa - 3 dager siden
Put a blower on it!
giovanny lozano
giovanny lozano - 3 dager siden
Love it. Are you guys making any for the public???
Melker Nilsson
Melker Nilsson - 4 dager siden
What engine is in that machine
mk4vws - 5 dager siden
You need to supercharge this one!
Marco Amoretti
Marco Amoretti - 5 dager siden
Very TOP
Ryan Huckins
Ryan Huckins - 6 dager siden
Awesome build this would look so badass with a roll cage just like a real jeep... be cool to see 👍😎
410 Kane
410 Kane - 6 dager siden
Put a winch on it😂
Kova - 6 dager siden
You should take it to a jeep meet and see what people’s reactions are
Jakub Konvicny
Jakub Konvicny - 8 dager siden
Max speed? HP?
MrHillfolk - 11 dager siden
Aww, wook at the cute wittle wadiator 😁
Michael Rivota
Michael Rivota - 12 dager siden
Supercharge the jeep!
jason white
jason white - 13 dager siden
The sound of this at low speed so sweet
Joe Putnam
Joe Putnam - 13 dager siden
Nice ,but a big dawg couldn't sit in it....Lol
MINTY CLAN - 14 dager siden
Steven Jennings
Steven Jennings - 14 dager siden
Awesome informational educational video experience Y'alls God Bless Ya 🙏
Connor DePatto
Connor DePatto - 16 dager siden
What type of tubing do you use?
trent kluesner
trent kluesner - 23 dager siden
these people are so freaking inspiring
kids bars la Virginia
kids bars la Virginia - 24 dager siden
Que paso con los subtítulos
NSD designs
NSD designs - 25 dager siden
This Edit is steller! That last camera work by the pond was beautiful.
yogesh khumar
yogesh khumar - Måned siden
I need one of these
Topi Loreng
Topi Loreng - Måned siden
Good job i like your video
Daryan Griffitt
Daryan Griffitt - Måned siden
Have you tride a blower motor
INYONK Blakasuta
INYONK Blakasuta - Måned siden
Wow.... Good broo👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Parker Varin
Parker Varin - Måned siden
What if they made one with one of those skinny motors from the Mach E. (NOTE: I as well as everybody else hate the Mach E but the motors are awesome)
Ted - Måned siden
I wish these things were sold in stores. I would buy one yesterday.
Lee Baroldy
Lee Baroldy - Måned siden
Hey, I designed the Jeep Hurricane for Fisher-Price when I worked there. Of course, my design was simply a scale down of Aaron Pizutti's work for Jeep. Fun to see what you've done with it. :)
Trees Happen
Trees Happen - Måned siden
Adjusting fee play must be interesting, without a normal clutch lever.
Jeremy Lakenes
Jeremy Lakenes - Måned siden
Roll bar...
Emmett Morgan
Emmett Morgan - Måned siden
Hey your video looks AWESOME guys, would you mind saying what camera setup you're using? I started watching for the badass jeep cart, but your video quality really just jumped out at me!
adeel rind
adeel rind - Måned siden
Why you did not do work under seat suspension springs.
Zafar M Alley
Zafar M Alley - Måned siden
Dude that thing looks so much fun!!!! are you guys selling it?
Hai Jr
Hai Jr - Måned siden
Wow 👍➡️🚗❤️❤️
АВТО НОВИНИ - Måned siden
У меня есть красивие видео та разные истории каму интересное пасматрите!
Capital Diversify
Capital Diversify - Måned siden
bro please put a roll cage on it,,, if u tumble u gonna hurt
Inder Inder
Inder Inder - Måned siden
Norris Hude
Norris Hude - Måned siden
Would like to see a roll bar of some description.
Broken necks are hard to live with. All the best.
Pedro Santos
Pedro Santos - Måned siden
Brothers 1v1
Brothers 1v1 - Måned siden
but this 1 specifically probably 50ish
Brothers 1v1
Brothers 1v1 - Måned siden
id wager 5 figures something like 15k
Heipormi Chyne
Heipormi Chyne - Måned siden
🔥🔥🔥🔥how much if u buy dis think
Мун Шарипов
Мун Шарипов - Måned siden
Не фига не понятно, но интересно
A K - Måned siden
What engine is in this? The 990 LC8?
Paul Dutton
Paul Dutton - Måned siden
Needs tracks
georgeh handley
georgeh handley - Måned siden
needs a roll cage.
Md Shamsul alam
Md Shamsul alam - Måned siden
I would probably make a bit longer and wider around 60cm all side
minicab holiday
minicab holiday - Måned siden
can I order one unit
V_reyes - Måned siden
Real life hill climb
David DZ
David DZ - Måned siden
GTNBY2 - Måned siden
overbuilt automotive
overbuilt automotive - Måned siden
i love it hate cvt transmissions
Dwyane Pachinko
Dwyane Pachinko - Måned siden
Mini masterpiece
Alain Fougeres
Alain Fougeres - Måned siden
Très bon pour le dos
Jeff Reeves
Jeff Reeves - Måned siden
Needs a roll cage. You cant bail out in a roll like on an ATV.
DEE RICHARDSON - Måned siden
this hot wheel jeep can be mass produced and i would buy one u have hit a jack pot email me if u would like to build me one
anak borneo kalimantan
anak borneo kalimantan - Måned siden
Im coming 😂
Wa 085389692431
Rafael Valdovinos
Rafael Valdovinos - Måned siden
Time for a cage😁
Jadon James
Jadon James - Måned siden
Do a top speed test
NITIN chhillar
NITIN chhillar - Måned siden
Interested in selling
Trenton Fox
Trenton Fox - Måned siden
Real jeeps have solid axels 😂
Zach Redd
Zach Redd - Måned siden
You guys should do a Lamborghini twin turbo Power wheels build
Scooter Dan
Scooter Dan - Måned siden
I see you use lucas 10w40 oil and i highly recommend it !
nozmoking1 - Måned siden
Next up, a full roll cage. And then some "Gravedigger" worthy stunts...
ba ama
ba ama - Måned siden
Th Fi
Th Fi - Måned siden
No roll bar/cage, and not wearing a helmet. Must be wanting to kill himself.
Type1warroir Rath
Type1warroir Rath - Måned siden
What engine is in that
Approved Designs
Approved Designs - Måned siden
Roll Bar?
Jack - Måned siden
I want one of these so bad
Bedroom Beats
Bedroom Beats - Måned siden
10:00 reeheeheeheehoo
Adam that guy
Adam that guy - Måned siden
This thing is awesome!
How come you all don't have a roll bar on that thing? Seems like one bad roll and snap goes your neck. One to cover your head like a convertible would do the job.
Amreek Mann
Amreek Mann - Måned siden
Hi guys ! I am a little new to this channel.Can anybody tell me what are these machines called? Mini jeep? ATV jeep? What would be the correct name
Stefan Pominville
Stefan Pominville - Måned siden
im the last person to say this however you should be wearing a helmet doing testing like this .. i recently purchased myself a downhill mountain bike and i broke down and bought a helmet. better safe than sorry !
Rusty Shackleford
Rusty Shackleford - Måned siden
Man that thing sounds sooo good !!! Sounds like a Harley going down the road or a V8 car almost !!! Badass 👍👍👍
adam desalvo
adam desalvo - Måned siden
Wow. This is super cool.
Harry. B. Renner. jr.
Harry. B. Renner. jr. - Måned siden
I really like the the fact that you admitted to reading the instructions Ethan. all the more reason I would trust you to build or repair a vehicle for me. I also like the fact that you didn't change the the gearing. because you not only want it to be a good crawler. but you also want to have it have an impressive top speed. I'm guessing something that will be next on the list. will be either some gauges or an electronic instrument cluster to monitor the vehicle. everything that you have done to this vehicle. have shown your incredible engineering on Colonel Sender's. the king of YouTube builds. hail hail long live the king Colonel Sender's. and again Edwin your drone footage and editing is spectacular.
eric rush
eric rush - Måned siden
Now I know you guys know better that YouTube is left wing but you should be more careful about your advertisements and promoting Joe Biden which he will shut you down slowly with the commies bullshit.
David Scarpa
David Scarpa - Måned siden
CRASH111 - Måned siden
what transfer case is in that
Flip Flop
Flip Flop - Måned siden
That’s what cool looks like
Daniel Buchanan
Daniel Buchanan - Måned siden
Take my money
Jacob Bancroft
Jacob Bancroft - Måned siden
When are the beanies coming back to the shop?
kiran arelli
kiran arelli - Måned siden
Vdxjv ఫోటో
Jeremy Hartwell
Jeremy Hartwell - Måned siden
You guys should do a kit build with an off-the-shelf motor so that people can pick up their own power wheels and make their version
Александр Грачёв
why they don't place engine at the back of jeep?
Reggie Sanchez
Reggie Sanchez - Måned siden
Build me one y’all always making some
Bad ass toys
Christopher Sanders
Christopher Sanders - Måned siden
Would y’all ever consider building them for sale
G7 Mikki
G7 Mikki - Måned siden
If you guys made it to a product pice, you must make a lotte of mony of it cuse that is an amasing 4w, and I Woud buy it👍 so cool
burp warrior
burp warrior - Måned siden
No roll cage!? Seems dangerous but still cool
Thales Vinicius
Thales Vinicius - Måned siden
You sell this car order
Andy Dunkin
Andy Dunkin - Måned siden
Awesome machine. I'm not a fan of the random "yueww" or whatever stupid shit you're saying.. I just want to follow a channel that stays away from the dumb hype bs people come up with and focus on awesome.
MEDIA TECH - Måned siden
guys u need to put lights on it
Jeremiah Thomas
Jeremiah Thomas - Måned siden
Is that a power wheels with a real engine?
Nadine Wellington
Nadine Wellington - Måned siden
Would you sell it
connor mehrtens
connor mehrtens - Måned siden
The next project you guys should make should be a barstool racer.
Саня Дикав
Саня Дикав - Måned siden
Здарова парни я бы на таком на работу ездил бы))
Zach Stevens
Zach Stevens - Måned siden
you guys should make a cage for it so you're fully enclosed
JesseFpv - Måned siden
Needs roll cage for sure..
Red Neckery
Red Neckery - Måned siden
Loving the video but the weird green screen edit was out of place and not needed
UnEqual Reality
UnEqual Reality - Måned siden
Dude you need a roll cage on that thing or on day you will die one day.
Roomies Garage
Roomies Garage - Måned siden
You guys built a bad ass machine!