Transforming 500cc Camaro Build!

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Time to finally start our next Power Wheels project and this is is going to transform. The goal is the have an all-around good for everything Power Wheels go kart. It will have a powerful Polaris Predator 500cc quad engine, and air suspension so we can easily lift the car for off road rally sessions and lower it to the frame for street tracks and drifting!
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xo420 SLAYERox
xo420 SLAYERox - 15 dager siden
xo420 SLAYERox
xo420 SLAYERox - 15 dager siden
Link to the power wheels toy ?
Steve Yant
Steve Yant - 16 dager siden
Guy sleds a power wheels down a hill and says, "that was terrifying" also same guy launches a quad 15 feet through the air down the same hill minutes later...
Wouldyouglowme - 17 dager siden
Hey I have this 4 wheeler
Maveric Is a bot
Maveric Is a bot - 25 dager siden
50cc is good for me 😁🥰
G lenegan
G lenegan - 2 måneder siden
Bro I’d buy one of these off you
leroy Thomas
leroy Thomas - 4 måneder siden
I got an bmw i want to do like this
Supermotoslide - 4 måneder siden
I’m just waiting till someone makes a building kit for it
Silviu Borca
Silviu Borca - 10 måneder siden
What's the name of that ATV?
JohnAndrey 26
JohnAndrey 26 - 10 måneder siden
Do you make a barbie jeep and sell it??? Because I bought it.
SimstasH - 10 måneder siden
This was a great series from start to finish. Excellent ideas and I'm blown away at your skill to make your vision a reality. Subscribed for sure guys, 10 out of 10.
Insane Jay
Insane Jay - 11 måneder siden
I love these cars bro yall are so damm creative bro keep up the good work
Francisco Perez
Francisco Perez - 11 måneder siden
will you guys ever put a 2 stroke engine In the jeep or Camaro ?
nick pronk
nick pronk - 11 måneder siden
We have a polaris 50
cmartinez89 - 11 måneder siden
While everyone is wasting their time to get millions of views with real cars, these guys are building small toy ones and getting the same views. Now that’s what I call working smarter not harder.
Back Track - Banda de rock
How use the shifter???
Brian Proffitt
Brian Proffitt - År siden
I couldn’t tear that perfect 4 wheeler apart to build a power wheel
Mike Honcho
Mike Honcho - År siden
This is awesome, I currently own a 05 predator. Weisco high compression piston, Polaris pure exhaust, 160 jet and of course the k&n filter and she is no bumb. Absolutely love it ♥️
manoj bansal
manoj bansal - År siden
My aim is to do something like you is my dream
manoj bansal
manoj bansal - År siden
Please give me an engine as a gift for making my first car
Darrel Gonzalez
Darrel Gonzalez - År siden
Get a banshee powerplant that would be one of the fastest one's that you would have
Disaster RC
Disaster RC - År siden
Bumble beast
AbrahamDust - År siden
Gracias por los subtitulos en español, me encanta!. Así mis amigos y yo podemos disfrutar de sus videos en caso de que no entendamos algo!.
Saludos desde la baja, México!.
Raven - År siden
When i was a kid i had a powewheels, it was about half the size of a honda crv long, or about one and a half lawn chairs and two lawn chairs tall, i bet you could have put a bigger engine in it, if only they still made them like that
lobo_alpha 1004
lobo_alpha 1004 - År siden
Alguém ai e brasileiro?
Dave Johnson
Dave Johnson - År siden
First one that was new 😂😂😂 moving on up!
Dawson Miller
Dawson Miller - År siden
You should have the drone getting a shot when you do your laps
ANYTHING 23 - År siden
I’m sure they make power wheels bigger than THAT
Cool Rhino
Cool Rhino - År siden
I have a question. So I have a Lightning Mc Queen powerwheel and I want to turn it into a go kart. What do I do first?
Chris Goar
Chris Goar - År siden
i need the nerfbars and pegs from the quad
HunzHurte - År siden
Guys why not swap a tesla powerwheels with monster electric motors?
HunzHurte - År siden
Guys you gotta make a fat, rear engine van!
HunzHurte - År siden
Guys you gotta make the Ice Charger out of a powerwheels!
Rooster Nugget
Rooster Nugget - År siden
i need to see a banshee motor swapped in a power wheels car
Clayton Endersby
Clayton Endersby - År siden
I really like that you guys have Spanish subtitles. I'm trying to learn Spanish so it helps build some vocabulary and become more familiar with the language. Keep it up!
David C de Baca
David C de Baca - År siden
Senderella and the Honeybee
Do the cummins powerwheels
Sean Murnane
Sean Murnane - År siden
Please please please paint the head and barrel to look like bumble bees head!!
cal london
cal london - År siden
change the wheel style to the same style as the Porsche on your friends channel!
Christopher Camargo
Christopher Camargo - År siden
make it off road
OG Beats
OG Beats - År siden
Power wheels build either an fj cruiser or a toyota tundra
Frank Smith
Frank Smith - År siden
I don't know why you're doing all this work, the Camaro already has gigantic disc brakes and dual exhaust! XD
tony detwiler
tony detwiler - År siden
Yes another sick build
David McCracken
David McCracken - År siden
Awesome channel...just found and instantly subbed.👍
Max Neale
Max Neale - År siden
Numbahclaud - År siden
I bet a corvette or a bmw i8 would have plenty of space
Max Swaim
Max Swaim - År siden
Cr 500 mustang Power wheels build please
Robert G
Robert G - År siden
Great video and ideas guys, thanks for the video!
How about a real 4wd F150/Raptor power wheels next?
Matthew Stone
Matthew Stone - År siden
Yes lol
Vyzygoth /NA
Vyzygoth /NA - År siden
Where did you get the tires for the Camero at guys?
alexander smith
alexander smith - År siden
Whitesnake playing on the radio😂
Jane Wooding
Jane Wooding - År siden
You should do a drag build 100%
Teresa Reyes Lozano
Teresa Reyes Lozano - År siden
Camaro VS Mustang vs Barbie jep
Plaqzz _
Plaqzz _ - År siden
Use a yz 250 motor in one
Christopher Bennett II
you guys are amazing can't wait for this one to be done n seeing how it looks like the bumble bee Camaro I'm gonna toss a possible name for it at you guys the BumbleBeast
Justin Hobart
Justin Hobart - År siden
Awesome guys! As a Camaro fan and owner, can't wait to see it finished! I feel, I may have had a part in the Transformer Edition Camaro. I suggested it at a car show when the car was still a prototype. The very next year at the same car show, when the car had went into production they unveiled the Transformer Edition. I'm like did they actually listen to my suggestion. 🤔
the bom cracker
the bom cracker - År siden
When does the next video come out ?
Grease Monkey Tank
Grease Monkey Tank - År siden
I built one for my daughter, to just drive around. but had to sell it in mid project. You should try a drifter with it.
Dippity Dab
Dippity Dab - År siden
Man i saw one of these Camaro on offer up the other day and was like damn imagine grind hard plumbing co making one! Little did i know haha fuck
EmoDragon 24
EmoDragon 24 - År siden
Have you guys ever wanted to test the plastic wheels on with the gas motor and see if they last or hold out
Tomas Moreno
Tomas Moreno - År siden
desde argentina los admiro muchachos¡¡¡¡
Myke Higgins
Myke Higgins - År siden
Suggestion for the head sticking out the hood... Paint it to be like a face of some sort. Like bumblebees face
Aidan Ragbir
Aidan Ragbir - År siden
Sell me one
Kamron Chandler
Kamron Chandler - År siden
Put the exhaust in back to look like a dual exhaust system just like the Camaro looks
AJ - År siden
Get a Lamborghini and add a go kart Engine to it
Cole and Neale's channel
You need one of those replica Land Rover defender they are slightly bigger and made from aluminium I love the camaro too you need to turbo it
Bologna fudge & mustard
I wish I had a spot with a plot of land to just fuck around on! You guys have it made!
Scary Terry
Scary Terry - År siden
i didn’t hear, does it have an electric start?
Hamish Dwyer
Hamish Dwyer - År siden
You should wide body the camaro
H20Shane - År siden
And they killed the kt... I meant Polaris
ExxTREME Cl1cK-BAIT - År siden
It would be sick if you guys build a power wheels Jeep hurricane, make it like a rock crawler build .It’s also quite a bit bigger and everything screws together so it’s easy to take apart. And it could be like a big brother to Senderella!
Can u run dual exhaust where the pipes are 🥴😬
firemoose76 - År siden
I can't wait to watch this one come together to. It's going to be so cool.
Shane Brown
Shane Brown - År siden
Y’all should run the exhaust out the back like it is on the bumpers
Alexandre Albergaria
Alexandre Albergaria - År siden
could you guys keep the "original power heels steering wheel"? that would look so cool!
GM_muscle06 - År siden
These dudes have a nice mg
Jeremy Emerson
Jeremy Emerson - År siden
Make a grave digger
Brandon Carpenter
Brandon Carpenter - År siden
Mad props! Y'all, and ratherbewelding and cars and cameras and rbg and vacilly are the ish!
Brandon Carpenter
Brandon Carpenter - År siden
Just finished watching this... Already itchin for the next video!!! Im debating on one of these power wheels based off y'alls videos. The girly is mad, but gotta love em!
CalvaryCustoms - År siden
I would recommend black head and yellow valve cover, since the cooling fins tend to collect dirt and grime, which would stick out like a sore thumb if they were yellow.
Carlos Delacruz
Carlos Delacruz - År siden
Cmon powerwheels deive thru prank
Nbs Araujo
Nbs Araujo - År siden
Y’all should do the wide body kit lol fr
You have to make a dullie
Myles crumel
Myles crumel - År siden
Me ls swaping 300,000 transmission = this video
tasha gravel
tasha gravel - År siden
You should just buy a motor from off line instead of taking off something
Ananas - År siden
Next time ranger wildtruck 😂
Aaron Heckman
Aaron Heckman - År siden
Can't wait for this build!
TTTrenity - År siden
Any plans for the plastics off the quad? A friend of mine really needs some!
BuhLahKee - År siden
Would be very interested in them. At least rear plastics.
CargamerYT - År siden
Please buy a Dodge Ram Power Wheels and engine swap it. Also add a trailer that can haul the Jeep or Mustang 🚗
Rolando Jasso Gonzalez
Ware did you get that Tire
HojozVideos - År siden
How is this even gonna work?
This'll be so interesting
Chris Ady
Chris Ady - År siden
Absen kakak.. Saya dari indonesia.. Semangat terus kakak
WurstExpress #616
WurstExpress #616 - År siden
why another one? no more ideas left? how lame
Mattice Noblesse
Mattice Noblesse - År siden
Why don't you guys make one with a 2 stroke engine
Jupiter - År siden
Add Big wheels at the back And Add small wheels for the front
Dan Warn
Dan Warn - År siden
Cut the fenders & quarters where the radius body lines are, then make black fender flares. ;-) Oh, and don't forget the nitrous. That would be awesome with a 50 shot!!!
Pinheiros Kids Tony
Pinheiros Kids Tony - År siden
The camaro should be a drag car
Alecdroxx YT
Alecdroxx YT - År siden
John Bunch
John Bunch - År siden
Lifts engine with back. Wise man