Triumph Supercharged Engine Swap 200+ HP

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Go to to find out more and get started today! This is episode 3 of our 1962 Triumph Spitfire Engine Swap. The engine is from a Yamaha RX1 snowmobile and our supercharger kit is a MPI stage 1. The car should make over 200 HP and around 10 LB of boost when it is all said and done. In this video we make custom engine mounts, axles and more!
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racketman2u - 14 dager siden
The bad news is that the Spit diff stub axles are incredibly weak, you'll need an e.g. Nissan diff unit and axles.
Alan McGee
Alan McGee - Måned siden
Yo do you guys still have the gauges? Have a 76 Triumph Spitfire I could really use them.
Dax arms
Dax arms - 4 måneder siden
Cars from that era did have the high beam switch on the the floor
Dax arms
Dax arms - 4 måneder siden
Very subprime interest rate's . And the card so it looks like a Google card even though I did see the Visa logo on it a prime rate today would be close to 0%
Shane Hathaway
Shane Hathaway - 4 måneder siden
Turbo a little different.
Leon Guyot
Leon Guyot - 4 måneder siden
I'm a Triumph nut through and through, and I LOVE this build
Leon Guyot
Leon Guyot - 4 måneder siden
That green looks like LICHFIELD Green
Cayden Brown
Cayden Brown - 4 måneder siden
Im actually building a supercharged triumph spitfire myself
tito rodriguez
tito rodriguez - 5 måneder siden
What do you guys do for brakes to slow the car down? Can manual brakes be tweaked to perform better? Or can a booster be set up? I was noticing just the clutch slave cylinder was there mounted in engine bay?
Mason Campbell
Mason Campbell - 6 måneder siden
Did you guys upgrade the diff on this?
Ian James
Ian James - 6 måneder siden
The frontend in these is used in all sorts of historic racing stuff. The backend is about as good as the transmission tunnel. Big power won't do much. Good luck.
Lane Zandell
Lane Zandell - 6 måneder siden
Toby Jordan
Toby Jordan - 7 måneder siden
🏁🏁🏁you have to look all the way🏎️🏎️🏎️
0:51 🧡💙💗
👇 👇 👇 👇 👇💕
Carson Newton
Carson Newton - 7 måneder siden
🏁🏁🏁amazing what he did🏎️🏎️🏎️
1:46 ❤💘💛
Joey Jitzel
Joey Jitzel - 8 måneder siden
Next time you change the length of a shaft...
Cut one piece a little longer than the total finished length that you need. Longer by approximately 150% of the diameter of the shaft.
Cut the other piece to length allowing for clean up of the end of the shaft on the lathe.
On the lathe take the piece with the additional length and turn it down to 60% the diameter of the shaft. ONLY THE ADDITIONAL LENGTH NO MORE.
Bore a hole in the other piece the same EXACT diameter as the turned down piece.
Chamfer each piece for welding and press one piece into the other, check for proper length, run out etc... and weld solid.
You will have a much stronger shaft .
Love watching your videos, you guys are kinda nuts.
Assassin Cat
Assassin Cat - 9 måneder siden
All these Joe Biden ads are bullshit. Fuck Joe! Awesome build though...
Popper - 9 måneder siden
Wtf is lb?
ZEBRAN 14 - 9 måneder siden
That was a turbocharger not a super😂charger
A Robinson
A Robinson - 10 måneder siden
"Sudden Unintentional Disassembly!".
Not just a inconvenience, it's a way of life...
Jules Tomlinson
Jules Tomlinson - 10 måneder siden
not to be an a hole but it is a turbocharger
ricketyca - 11 måneder siden
You comment about the steering angle! The Spitfire (I had Mk3) - like the Triumph Herald on which it was based - had the smallest turning radius of any car available in UK including the famously nimble London Taxi! It was just under 24ft circle - I could u-turn in a two lane road! The tyres scrubbed badly though unless you were very gentle.
Quintin Pearce
Quintin Pearce - 11 måneder siden
Not to be prude but it's a turbo, not a supercharger. A super charger is a belt driven device. A turbo builds boost off of the exhaust pressure. A pro charger is like a supercharger but it's belt driven. Sorry just slightly urked
Grind Hard Plumbing Co
Grind Hard Plumbing Co - 11 måneder siden
By your own definition its a procharger.
MrRotery7 - 11 måneder siden
Also them Yamaha 4strokes have a floating secondary clutch witch means theres about 3/4" play side to side on the jake shaft of the sled witch acutely helps to improve on clutch wear so you javeing a lil play in the secondary clutch is perfectly fine just some more fyi in case anyone needed ta know lol!!!
MrRotery7 - 11 måneder siden
In them Yamaha 4strokes you actually go from underneath to change the oil filter theres a small plate you take off to get to it so you don't have to take out the inner cooler and charger to do it!!! Just a fyi for anyone who got scared ta do it them selfs its a whole lot easier then you think!!
Bradley Lowry
Bradley Lowry - 11 måneder siden
Supercharger? Looks like a turbocharger.
Jelly Turd
Jelly Turd - 11 måneder siden
I woulda kept the snowmobile the way it was but its cool in the car
Pushpush Lambert
Pushpush Lambert - 11 måneder siden
Ya I had that monster in my 2003 and 2005 RX1 or RX-Tons .... the 2003 was heaven as long as the trail or ditch was in okay shape . I’m amazed the wheels stayed together lol 😂 The sound is unforgettable .
The 900 Thundercat had a sound you’d never forget either .
senorboardhead - 11 måneder siden
Great concept car - small vintage lightweight sports car with compact, modern high performance engine. As a summer daily driver would be unique.
Zach Apgar
Zach Apgar - År siden
Turbo charged*
Trey wilson
Trey wilson - År siden
O.M.G. I think I'm in love with that steel cutter. I wish I had a shop with the tools that you do brother. Keep up the good work.
Ryley Kraehling
Ryley Kraehling - År siden
Sweet seeing someone build a triumph , in building a 1980 triumph tr7
Tomasaki - År siden
You should do triumph spitfire with triumph rocket 3 engine swap 😂
cliffythe vwnerd
cliffythe vwnerd - År siden
My pops has a 77 spitfire we've been talking about turboing it. Pumped to see this done.
Kyler Outman
Kyler Outman - År siden
I saved up last summer for an atlas lathe I think it's a little newer model but it has the 3ft bed just like yours and its a great little lathe I've made many parts for go karts and model engines on it
Dylan Detlor
Dylan Detlor - År siden
now imagine if u had set it up with a 4 or 5 speed.......the RX1 engine is nothing more than a supercharged R1 engine minus the 6 speed trans
Hosstache - År siden
“I’ve never made something so precise in my life” 👍👍👍🤘
Hosstache - År siden
Oh, I knew what you were talkin about regarding clutch guards!!!! (ouch)
FatMenBeTrippin - År siden
Gotta love a good bit of BOM CAD
III Vance
III Vance - År siden
I love the combination of beautifully aged outside 70s pastel and from what my mind wants it to be, soviet era aircraft cockpit green inside. It's just amazing looking.
kevis Mack
kevis Mack - År siden
Idk if u Guys r Gonna Get mii message or not i Gotta project for yall or a sell i dont wanna sell really wanna keep thinkn tho hmu for pics vids etc trust mee ull like it
David Hutchison
David Hutchison - År siden
The Spitfire has a 15 foot turning circle. Unreal
Deference to Dusk
Deference to Dusk - År siden
Buying a spitfire 1500 tomorrow.
Saving this video
leveltate - År siden
Can't wait to see it run and rolling. When is the next video?👍
Destroyerkael - År siden
its not a supercharger its a turbocharger
MrClickbang357 - År siden
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Brian Pichelman
Brian Pichelman - År siden
You're gonna wanna look into rear suspension mods as the earlier model Spitfires had problems with snap oversteer- esp with power added.
Bill Allen
Bill Allen - År siden
That supercharger sounded a little rough..... might need a rebuild before you use it.....from Wyoming USA 🔫🤠
El Sibarita Del Castillo
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T man
T man - År siden
Has anyone noticed that it's turbocharged not supercharged
chopcor - År siden
Belt driven centrifugal supercharger. Similar to a turbo, but much more lineal boost production, and boost is somewhat independent of engine load. Higher rpm=higher boost.
Logan YouTube
Logan YouTube - År siden
They make a product to fix rusty gas tanks...I know old times usually use it on rusty tractor fuel’s called red kote if I remember correctly
Sirak Teklemikael
Sirak Teklemikael - År siden
model nutty
model nutty - År siden
"there is no why".... BUT... Datsun near verbatim copied the British MG/Triumph engines.
could have been tons easier to pump an A-15 engine and slap in the 5 speed to go with it.
very reliable for 300K+ miles stock form, a cam with heavier valve strings, fuel inject and supercharge or turbocharge, it'd deliver pretty strong.
VIDEOMED - År siden
Justin Timberlake is wickah'd Smah't in this video !! heheh ! You guys are good ! I'm a lifetime auto tech, and have never seen anything like this. So Cool !
TheDistur - År siden
Jealous of the lathe. Those Atlas machines are nice.
Agent K
Agent K - År siden
Blown away with what you guys do, mad skills!
Marcangelus - År siden
Why didn’t you use an R-1 engine then you could have used the R-1’s transmission with a sequential changer. With the snow mobile drive, powers going to be either on or off.
mike f
mike f - År siden
your super charger sounds a lot like a turbo charger
brian bloom
brian bloom - År siden
hey guys why didn't you use the transmission, all you had to do is make a adaptor plate for the bell housing, I did a chevy small block to a 18hp briggs with 3 speed chevy trans.
J S - År siden
Amazing camera work in this (and all) videos!
Furry.killer.69 - År siden
Anybody hear a minecraft zombie noise at 11:20? I think I'm going insane...
Cody P
Cody P - År siden
You have the best build channel. From your B roll to the editing. Other channels I sometimes get bored. Not one boring minute from all your videos. Keep up the amazing work!
Freddies Flanders
Freddies Flanders - År siden
You welds are so good
Fix It
Fix It - År siden
Andys709 - År siden
Mann you guys are brilliant wish I had the space an fab skills like this !!! Fuckkkk
C M B - År siden
This channel is going from strength to strength, superb stuff, keep it up. Love the tunage too.🙌👏
Josh Marr
Josh Marr - År siden This for your next turbo build R34 GTR anyone?
Skip Moyer
Skip Moyer - År siden
Would not mind taking those gauges off your hands
StiLL J - År siden
Oh man, I can NOT wait to see this finished!! 🙌 What an EPIC rig this is gonna be!
Nicolas.Michael. Balch
Pretty sweet project you guys have got going on there, in my opinion 💯
Where are you guys based?
I live in the beautiful Greener Mountain State (V.T.)
St.Johnsbury the wonderful town that it is!!!!
AshDaYoungan GAMING
AshDaYoungan GAMING - År siden
AshDaYoungan GAMING
AshDaYoungan GAMING - År siden
Can you make me a real mani car dat size
99 miles away
99 miles away - År siden
Dadgum guys, this thing is gonna be so epic. And I don't use that word much.
Jane Wooding
Jane Wooding - År siden
Tip 4 u because it's a mark 3 spit there rear ends are known to be weak so I'd get a suspension strength ending kit
Jane Wooding
Jane Wooding - År siden
Jesse Neil
Jesse Neil - År siden
Ill give u $300 for you’re old drift trike thing. I know it’s an old video but I saw it and wanted to know if u still had it. Will u all like this and reply to it so he will see it
xxfollyxx1 - År siden
Why a spitfire triumph
Caleb Lucas
Caleb Lucas - År siden
who could dare dislike any of these videos these are the best videos i see on YouTube
rthomp03 - År siden
You may want to re-design those engine mounts to include bushings. With that high-revving & powerful engine, it's going to vibrate that 57 year old chassis in ways it was never designed to handle. Better to isolate that vibration than rattle the car to pieces (and it'll make for a more pleasant driving experience).
Grind Hard Plumbing Co
There are rubber bushing in the engine mounts. They were already built into the pet where they bolt to the engine.
Mathew Michuta
Mathew Michuta - År siden
More Ethan Cam with CAD. Love it. Congrats on your lathe. Can't wait to see the cool stuff you fab up, don't forget to school us a tiny bit.
Justin Phillips
Justin Phillips - År siden
Who owns the vanagon synchro?
Chris Henniker
Chris Henniker - År siden
Why use a snowmobile engine? It wouldn't put out the torque low down in the rev range for street driving, such as a Ford Zetec or Ecoboost would.
Soczek3310 - År siden
Hello!, You can sell barbie mustang with turbo for 600 dollars?
The Wafflecon
The Wafflecon - År siden
Cardboard Aided Design lol, I love how bootleg you guys are (and yet still make things work)
Nick Borgert
Nick Borgert - År siden
Should totally put tracks and skis on it for the winter
HORNPUB - År siden
U guys should make a 50 hp power wheels dualities truck
Andrew Avis
Andrew Avis - År siden
I'd like to point out that the rear suspension setup on a spitfire will tend to "tuck" the rear wheels when cornering. Do not attempt to drift this you will have a roll over event. I suggest a roll over bar of some discription before you try anything at speed. otherwise I so excited to be watching this!
STP STP - År siden
Cool, but it's not a spitfire anymore
Matt's Garage
Matt's Garage - År siden
The 76 people who disliked this video need to seek help! Good stuff as always guys, nice clean fab work, I’m really excited to see this one go!
zogworth - År siden
Love the Project Binky CAD reference
leuvenlife - År siden
Spitfires and Heralds could pretty much do a U turn in an average british street.
Mark Sidorov
Mark Sidorov - År siden
You guys are so talented and you always succeed with delivering great content
Brendan Doyle
Brendan Doyle - År siden
Becoming very real indeed. Are you guys planning on modifying the rear suspension at all? Something tells me that old swingaxle suspension isn't going to cut it. ;)
Kameron robinson
Kameron robinson - År siden
I'm thinking of LS swapping one of these cars. it looks doable from the video, do you guys think I could cram a v8 in one of these?
Steve Van Pelt
Steve Van Pelt - År siden
So good! Also, I've had great luck cleaning and coating rusted fuel tanks with POR-15. Im sure you've got some good plans for a tank, but couldn't help saying something when I saw the tank chucked in the scrap pile 👍👍
GreatNorthernDad - År siden
Yeah, that bothered me too. I would have put a little effort into rehab for the original tank instead of trying to shoehorn a different one in.
Thomas Wykes
Thomas Wykes - År siden
I guarantee the differential will break. It's only designed to handle 70 odd hp
bashr52 - År siden
That is the cleanest I've ever seen the garage :). You can tell this is a special project if they took the time to clean and make room for everything! Looks great guys.
markham -2020
markham -2020 - År siden
For ur next project u should make a like toy gator(the vehicle)
Aaron Danner
Aaron Danner - År siden
I watch all your builds. Im amped for you that yall got a lathe. Soon youll be making your own shafts and many more cool parts.
Elliott Drewry
Elliott Drewry - År siden
Yeahhh new music!!!!
Jacob Nordskog
Jacob Nordskog - År siden
i absolutely love it, miss my spitfires, always wanted to swap in a Miata engine but this goes above and beyond.
Robert Wooten
Robert Wooten - År siden
You guys have the best shots on YouTube