Ultimate Overland Trailer Build! (Power Wheels Mods)

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In this video we build an Overland trailer for our 100HP 4x4 Power Wheels build! The build is built for an ARB Simpson III rooftop tent this thing is amazing! this Power Wheels trip is going to be crazy and with are overland trailer we will be hauling our food, roof tent, cooler, water and all the tools we might need!

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Zareth DeTullio
Zareth DeTullio - 10 timer siden
Lol the shot at 9:00 I literally thought the tires were going flat during the time lapse
jason white
jason white - 4 dager siden
Such a awesome idea
Zika Beljin
Zika Beljin - 19 dager siden
Very nice BUT learn how to chain your trailer in other words cross them to make a basket
way2dumb - 20 dager siden
what about this onee https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1CALB5DmWqc
way2dumb - 20 dager siden
that is one of the best sounding motors i have ever heard
Shawn Cunningham
Shawn Cunningham - 23 dager siden
Electric power brakes on the trailer?
Gamester 234
Gamester 234 - 25 dager siden
Don’t forget the spare tire
Gamester 234
Gamester 234 - 25 dager siden
Should have reinforced the axle
Torthak - 26 dager siden
@Grind Hard, after the overland trip what did we learn :) lol
Carter Drake
Carter Drake - 29 dager siden
I’ve watched so much of them welding that my eyes have became immune to actual sparks for welding
Frank Zaffino
Frank Zaffino - Måned siden
Joshua Wyatt
Joshua Wyatt - Måned siden
You should have put a metal plate on the front so that it keeps dirt from getting all over your stuff
rohit kumar
rohit kumar - Måned siden
Super work bro first I thought it's a toy car by looking at the thumbnail.
Oh man. If only he knew the tung will fail, brake off, and cause the trailer to flip.
Akram Jerab
Akram Jerab - Måned siden
Man, If you guys only knew then what would happen to this thing in the future......
Jeff Riff
Jeff Riff - Måned siden
no wonder this guys so good with engines, he owns a dodge.
Andrea Dangeli
Andrea Dangeli - Måned siden
ma siete grandi regalatemi la jeep
Manuel Govea
Manuel Govea - Måned siden
Make a torque monster
niranjan MOHEMMED
niranjan MOHEMMED - Måned siden
Show me your contact number
T Fish
T Fish - Måned siden
That 4 Wheeler is DOPE!
Life of Steve
Life of Steve - Måned siden
Clever dude
orlan arrozal
orlan arrozal - Måned siden
You could make ford f150
David DZ
David DZ - Måned siden
소망 - Måned siden
Rc몬스터트럭이 아니었어!! 실차라니!!!
ONE DEEP - Måned siden
You should install permanent adjustable jack stand style feet on the trailer to keep it level and solid. You just need some square tubing and a couple of pins to lock it in place
Sparkymax - Måned siden
Treyson Smith
Treyson Smith - Måned siden
When am I gonna se the overland trip
Keeton Adams
Keeton Adams - Måned siden
Your setup is badass
Kiny Zepeda
Kiny Zepeda - Måned siden
They should do a Mario cart type race with all the power wheels!!😄
Luis Fernandez
Luis Fernandez - Måned siden
I would have put something to guard the stuff underneath from some flying debris that might be lunched from the wheels, like a small stone hitting the cooler or the, what I assumed, water canister since it would be a shame that those thing break and you have to stop the off road trip because of that.
Anthony Nittolo
Anthony Nittolo - Måned siden
Dude we're waiting on that video of the trip!
Moses D Cedeno
Moses D Cedeno - Måned siden
Awesome and super nice to see you all building amazing things loved it and shared it with all our families and friends Great Job 🛠👍🏽🇺🇸
Daisy Romo
Daisy Romo - Måned siden
You guys should add some
Type of light in the trailer where you can get energy to change or put light inside the tent and put a led light on the Jeep
Евгений Коротин
Лайк из России чувак :)!
Alex Quenneville
Alex Quenneville - Måned siden
Please make this annual
Alex eaton explores America
Do not let Karen go in there
N Andrews
N Andrews - Måned siden
I don't think I would leave the cooler under the tent when sleeping in the woods just incase of hungey bears.
Brock J
Brock J - Måned siden
Welding in shorts and boots? Living on the edge!
KnightsWithoutATable - Måned siden
Add a burke bar to the tools you are carrying for getting unstuck. They can be really handy.
Mike Ault
Mike Ault - Måned siden
That is a work of art that belongs in a display case, I can't believe you're out overlanding with it. You rock.
Joseph Anderson
Joseph Anderson - Måned siden
You should make some flip down legs for the unsupported side that can be put back up when not needed!
Dan Lux
Dan Lux - Måned siden
Those rotopax gas cans are so $$.
Kaan duran Yılmaz
Kaan duran Yılmaz - Måned siden
Ya abi lütfen türkce alt yazılı olsun lütfen ya severek izliyorum ama konuşmalarınızı anlayamıyorum
FloridaBoi 561
FloridaBoi 561 - Måned siden
This mans driving skills are almost as good as his fabrication skills. If you build over powered toys then you better be able to drive them without crashing, and he doesn't know what the meaning of chill is when he gets throttle drunk! 😂
Tristan Gaines
Tristan Gaines - Måned siden
Get another trailer for The Barbie jeep
Whoops Rc
Whoops Rc - Måned siden
So excited for the over land
East Coast American Fishing
Wish I had the knowledge and money to have one but GHP if ya want to make me one go right ahead
JaceWit Dabass
JaceWit Dabass - Måned siden
What kind of motor is in that green jeep
David Potter
David Potter - Måned siden
Your eyes are soo red ! God bless you and your family aloha
Kyle Crumley
Kyle Crumley - Måned siden
Ok here we go!! Regear it please!!! Adjust the seat and steering so you sit down in the Jeep think “shifter cart seating” add a proportionate roll cage. Are the headlights functional yet?? Best power wheels build on the web!
Dominic Barraza
Dominic Barraza - Måned siden
They make it look easy
Nico Cua
Nico Cua - Måned siden
Jesus Christ loves you so much!!!!!!
Russ Wollet
Russ Wollet - Måned siden
When is the trip?
Jim F
Jim F - Måned siden
Deffinitally need to install trailer brakes. That'd be bad@$$
Jim F
Jim F - Måned siden
Shouldn't one of thoes shocks be facing forward, and the other one facing basckwards? I know you know what your doing, but I've always seen it done different on most vehicles.
Jaden Mcrobert
Jaden Mcrobert - Måned siden
These guys are so underrated
Dan Bakken
Dan Bakken - Måned siden
Is there a link to the tent?
Geese Central Station
Geese Central Station - Måned siden
Hey man dont forget a face shield when using a cutting disk. I work in the metal industry. Have seen some gross accidents and close calls myself
Alex Stulov
Alex Stulov - Måned siden
Would it be safer to reorient shovel back in case of hard breaking?
sideswiped - Måned siden
aa, I just thought of something. you got that 1 seat'er rig to go camping up on the mountain, where does the wife/GF set? I mean really. your not going camping alone without your squeegee
sideswiped - Måned siden
these videos make me wish I lived on a long dirt road up on a mountain
Randy Stubbs
Randy Stubbs - Måned siden
How much does the Jeep weigh?
edgar martinez
edgar martinez - Måned siden
This reminds me of legos.
Thomas Babich
Thomas Babich - Måned siden
You might need a winch
IOUaUsername - Måned siden
If you drive it from the Canadian border to the Mexican border, could you get a Guinness World Record for the longest journey in a toy car?
María Félix Berumen
María Félix Berumen - Måned siden
At this point the cars are just ATV's.

But way better.
Paljas Pal
Paljas Pal - Måned siden
Good job bro
Drew Anderson
Drew Anderson - Måned siden
Ok with this drivetrain being shaft drivin. How hard would it be to run a rear pto output to drive an axle under the trailer! How freaking cool would this be guys!! 6x6 this thing would crawl everywhere with a powered trailer! Or is this just a stupid sounding idea?
idan124 - Måned siden
eithan i love you in a not gayness way ❤ your genius brother
J Smith
J Smith - Måned siden
ive got this same tent on my civic. Ive slept in it a few dozen times...its held up great :)
mymini911 - Måned siden
Sandlimo sandrail with Chevy ecotec motor search under dune buggy or sand rail on eBay

@t bids start off at $1.00

mymini911 - Måned siden
Sandlimo sandrail with Chevy ecotec motor search under dune buggy or sand rail on eBay

@t bids start off at $1.00

IVAN CRUISE - Måned siden
Awesome videos.. it's super fun to watch your quad motor bike.. Hopefully, more videos to watch
Patrick Carrière élève
Patrick Carrière élève - Måned siden
Now you need jack for the trailer
4 Wheeler And UTV Parts
4 Wheeler And UTV Parts - Måned siden
Romulous75 - Måned siden
It's safe to say, that was not safe (towing sendy on a trailer with someone in it).
OzBullGaming - Måned siden
Looks like it needs a jackleg or 2 on the back
CanadianRust - Måned siden
Gotta add some gussets to the tongue of the trailer where it meets the trailer 👌 may be a weak point
Baconmanliest - Måned siden
You should put some down riggers on the back
Overland Subaru International
what are the trailer wheel
One Video
One Video - Måned siden
It looked like a rc car on the thumbnail
Dax arms
Dax arms - Måned siden
Portal axles and planetary gears for the hubs then you don't have to change the transmission only install a recluse Auto clutch
Dax arms
Dax arms - Måned siden
Instead of putting a new transmission in it see if Moto meal can make some custom planetary gears for the hubs of each wheel and that way you'll get more torque
Ryder Asbury
Ryder Asbury - Måned siden
What’s ur favorite build
LIL-Slavic - Måned siden
geoff burrill
geoff burrill - Måned siden
Hell I wouldn't fancy sitting so high up in a car on a trailer being towed. You guys are insane. Love your builds.
Bryson Mcgilvray
Bryson Mcgilvray - Måned siden
make a sling shot powerwheels that would be a cool one to do
brycea0225 - Måned siden
That upward panning shot tripped me out. I thought the trailer started squatting while y’all were adding stuff 😂
Kurt Wiebe
Kurt Wiebe - Måned siden
Make a roof with copper tube
Random Creator
Random Creator - Måned siden
Don’t forget spare tires, you might need at least one for the trailer and one for the Jeep
Tristan Bunch
Tristan Bunch - Måned siden
How much will y’all sell one of the cars ??????
DirtySouthTV - Måned siden
Y’all are going over landing without spare tires?
Chad Rizor
Chad Rizor - Måned siden
Paint it green to match.
Louis Block
Louis Block - Måned siden
why don't you bild it over the weels ?
RideNV - Måned siden
Them: You need a $60,000 pickup or SUV with about $30,000 worth of mods to overland.
GHPC: Powerwheels go brrrrrr
Elijah Hill
Elijah Hill - Måned siden
But that setup is really sick
Elijah Hill
Elijah Hill - Måned siden
You sould put 5 jack on each side of the trailer
Jason M
Jason M - Måned siden
bring this to overland expo
Jason M
Jason M - Måned siden
I predicted an overland power wheels build from the beginning at the Barbie jeep!
rdooski - Måned siden
In that beautiful area its like youre camping 24/7.