Ultimate Redneck Go Kart + 4x4 Jaguar Build ep1

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We are going to convert the Jaguar XJS to a 4x4 for an off road adventure so we purchased an old rusty 350 Chevy for parts and why not tear it down to the frame and have some fun!
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Runtime: 18:42


Caleb Lee
Caleb Lee - 7 dager siden
Chevys run forever
Valdemar Perez III
Valdemar Perez III - 25 dager siden
Go kart max 🙄
David weld
David weld - Måned siden
1000th comment
prariepunk - Måned siden
This is awesome!!!
forrester paige
forrester paige - 2 måneder siden
I love the 4x4 go kart idea
Merlin Cantrell
Merlin Cantrell - 3 måneder siden
WHere is this????
The Minecraft Genius
The Minecraft Genius - 4 måneder siden
This vid cool
The Minecraft Genius
The Minecraft Genius - 4 måneder siden
What’s a V12 engine??
Roger - 3 måneder siden
12 cilinder that are in v position
The Minecraft Genius
The Minecraft Genius - 4 måneder siden
How many pounds did you lose on this prodcecect?
MyJunker Travels
MyJunker Travels - 4 måneder siden
Got eny emblems from er still?
Jason Mercer
Jason Mercer - 4 måneder siden
Would have made a good snow plow for your driveway but what you guys are doing is a lot more fun.
Fish N Ski Northwest
Fish N Ski Northwest - 4 måneder siden
Comment 1000
Drifts For Days
Drifts For Days - 5 måneder siden
I love the jag because of how freaking unique and sketchy it is.
S A - 5 måneder siden
good ole boys
Jacob Almon
Jacob Almon - 6 måneder siden
you should have left the cab on it then made it a mud truck
Pete Vogel
Pete Vogel - 6 måneder siden
Wow, is that an allroad in the driveway? (Bro do you want a tune for that?)
daichai - 7 måneder siden
look at that jag !
Zane Clark
Zane Clark - 7 måneder siden
Why does it have no suspension
Jaystar2222 C
Jaystar2222 C - 8 måneder siden
Can't believe I just found you now, new favourite channel
Skirrr_ 12
Skirrr_ 12 - 8 måneder siden
What’s the fastest lap time on what vehicle
Nico R.
Nico R. - 8 måneder siden
Definitely didn’t find this from whistling diesel
Skylar Lindholm
Skylar Lindholm - 8 måneder siden
You copied whistlin diesel
Derrick Anderson
Derrick Anderson - 8 måneder siden
@4:51 Looks like India with 3 people driving one car...lol HAHAHA
Von Sketcher
Von Sketcher - 8 måneder siden
6:30 Come on where is that slow clap?
DROP'EM Bowman
DROP'EM Bowman - 8 måneder siden
When did you 2 stop living in the trees?
Didali Dang
Didali Dang - 8 måneder siden
Can we use the bed? my dad needs a bed for his 78. 😂
Momo SetView
Momo SetView - 8 måneder siden
I thought he was off the ranch
Andrew Glass
Andrew Glass - 8 måneder siden
Can you please do more videos with the vanagon?
Dr. P
Dr. P - 8 måneder siden
Nice bobcat...is that a yard tool?
G-dubs Is cool
G-dubs Is cool - 9 måneder siden
Nothing beats @WhistlinDiesel, sorry love the builds though
Masterdave Edwards
Masterdave Edwards - 9 måneder siden
Doesn't matter who or where you are...truth is, "you're never too old to do something stupid" That is universal!
Viking's Mancave
Viking's Mancave - 9 måneder siden
just knocked a camera off, i thought he went off there for a second.... made my heart stop, i've been saying, these guys gonna kill themselves.... then i thought i was watching it happen... phew... glad no one was hurt.
Junkyard garage
Junkyard garage - 9 måneder siden
👍👍 I've gotta Mazda car I've transformed into a truck lol. It's on my page
Patrick Baitman
Patrick Baitman - 9 måneder siden
Use one of those rolling chassis to build a gasoline scrap metal Cybertruck!
bustin yanutz
bustin yanutz - 9 måneder siden
Where I'm from that body would be considered in good shape for the year. I couldn't see any basketball sized rust holes in her
Jared Randall
Jared Randall - 9 måneder siden
Dude why. Yall just took one of the best trucks ever made and destroyed it !!! Like why !!?? So what if it was rusted throw a 10" lift on it and some 40" boggers. It made me sick watching yall tear that body off of that truck.
chasebh89 - 9 måneder siden
the safest thing on this thing is the bumper
kez - 9 måneder siden
These cars should be in the next mad max movie
Zade Overholt
Zade Overholt - 9 måneder siden
I'll buy the body how much
Wild Hurst Manor
Wild Hurst Manor - 9 måneder siden
Dig those hurricane wheels.
David Gustavsson
David Gustavsson - 9 måneder siden
Ep2 when
cam872k3 - 9 måneder siden
2J's are cooler than gen i and ii small block chevys, not gen iii, iv, or v small block chevys.
James Hopper
James Hopper - 9 måneder siden
I need that back window and some other parts lol. No really I do.
Sophisticated Pancake
Sophisticated Pancake - 9 måneder siden
It already idles better than my 86 350 😂
earthsurfer13 - 9 måneder siden
This channel is too much fun.
trucked up
trucked up - 9 måneder siden
That a Chevy for ya
Willow's Production's
Willow's Production's - 9 måneder siden
Mississippi Boy
Mississippi Boy - 9 måneder siden
What you want for the hood and doors
T. S.
T. S. - 9 måneder siden
Shut up about Idaho.....no one needs to know our secrets. ;)
APerson - 9 måneder siden
Waste of a nice square
Sandra Santos
Sandra Santos - 9 måneder siden
Blacksheep 973
Blacksheep 973 - 9 måneder siden
That poor old squarebody.
Old Croney's Garage
Old Croney's Garage - 9 måneder siden
I need the front clip for mine 😭
Donald Creamer
Donald Creamer - 9 måneder siden
Can’t believe I stumbled on to this channel these guys built the tree houses on the history channel I think called “ woodsman “ I freaking loved that show but these videos are pretty good too! ✌️from California I’d sure like to live there though beautiful land
ZERO’S 808TV - 9 måneder siden
Weld A dope off road tube truck frame based off of this.
Daniel Libich
Daniel Libich - 9 måneder siden
With those hope they heard of a Craig list ad for an older GM pickup when those believe the ad stated minor rust when those had a close inspection when rust was much worse when those put an offer for the chassis and other bits when they were to sell the cab and or the bed along with the fenders for scrap metal.
Tony Starks
Tony Starks - 9 måneder siden
I hope you stop doing the same shit as whistlin diesel
Old Croney's Garage
Old Croney's Garage - 9 måneder siden
What I find funny is whistlin diesel says that the 73-87 chevy trucks are junk. But he don't pay any attention to the fact that the Canadian forces and the American army bought the 73-87 bought the chevy one tons for there ruggedness,reliably,and cost
backyard rebuilds
backyard rebuilds - 9 måneder siden
How are u guys still alive lol
Turbojunki - 9 måneder siden
Just a caution if it backfires through the carb those air filters melt into the carb then
Richard Cranium
Richard Cranium - 9 måneder siden
Next time you decide to weld a sealed fuel tank bomb, please have at least a go-pro rolling, for safety purposes of course 😂👍
Ryan Vandiver
Ryan Vandiver - 9 måneder siden
I do believe you could call it a superleggera
james lewis
james lewis - 9 måneder siden
Chevrolet doesn't make it 4:55 dumbass
Richard Raueiser
Richard Raueiser - 9 måneder siden
This blurred my mind, a lot ;-)
Strange Times
Strange Times - 9 måneder siden
No Belt?! That´s really crazy!
Bryce Palahniuk
Bryce Palahniuk - 9 måneder siden
So I’ll take it as you forgot it’s a 4wd and raced it in 2wd only.
Pilau BEAN Flicker
Pilau BEAN Flicker - 9 måneder siden
Should make a motorcycle as a next build.
gordon ELLIOTT
gordon ELLIOTT - 9 måneder siden
And to get a better ride take most of the Leafs out of the spring packs
gordon ELLIOTT
gordon ELLIOTT - 9 måneder siden
That oil pressure line that you're allowing to just run freely, come straight off of the oil pump feed Andrew's restricting oil pressure to the valve train, hence losing pressure to lift the valves open enough to get performance oh, just straight-up not good no, better to plug it off or connect it to a gauge, is that thing a little bit of a tune, stick it in 4 Low and get ready to get crazy, I suggest a cage , something that can handle 2000 lb rolling over it
Cody Dunn
Cody Dunn - 9 måneder siden
Wish my 84 k20 was a 4spd
Cody Dunn
Cody Dunn - 9 måneder siden
Throw a s10 cab on it. 😂
Calm Chowda
Calm Chowda - 9 måneder siden
strait headders on anything like this is mandatory
Prozacgod - 9 måneder siden
@6:38... I mean... It was dumb
@6:52... oh well case closed, not a problem carry on good sir.
Dylan Irwin
Dylan Irwin - 9 måneder siden
In the land of Wisconsin, that body was in mint condition compared to the 1979 i just kicked up lol
Adam Evitt
Adam Evitt - 9 måneder siden
hey yall i just had t post a comment ok so yall have seen the "mad max" movies right?? Well looking at the chevy frame rig just gave me an idea from he!! you should do a series of "mad max road warrior" themed vehicles i mean i kinda built one for fun years ago its now yard art but was fun while she lasted just food for thought KEEP BUILDING YALL :)
Faren cowley
Faren cowley - 9 måneder siden
Ya’ll should straight pipe it🤣👌👌
TheIcyWulf - 9 måneder siden
This is the most Roadkill thing I’ve seen since Roadkill left YouTube
Fix It
Fix It - 9 måneder siden
Guys got a death wish
426 SUPER BEE - 9 måneder siden
i would kept the cab and bed on it ! Screw the Jag
SQUARE BODY NUT - 9 måneder siden
Cabs in better shape than the truck I'm dailying right now.
James Runyon
James Runyon - 9 måneder siden
prevent blowing up a gas tank:
stick open gas tank on the end of an exhaust pipe of a running car.
the hot gasses will evaporate everything out.
as seen on 'Skid Factory"
Lucas Nilsson
Lucas Nilsson - 9 måneder siden
pls put a full roll cage on it and a floor on it. It would be sick!
Willie Keith
Willie Keith - 9 måneder siden
trophy truck build !!!
Drew Diamond
Drew Diamond - 9 måneder siden
Sell me the front clip!
Carl Wood
Carl Wood - 9 måneder siden
You should use a holly 750 for the carb on the death cart
Joshua Stagnitto
Joshua Stagnitto - 10 måneder siden
i grew up around mechanics.. even the people who werent mechanics were still mechanics. lol. you can always tell when someonie is a real deal mechanic because they are ALWAYS covered in oil and crud from vehicles.. its almost like the only time you see them clean is at a funeral or wedding.. everywhere else, all their clothes have been stained from years of wrenching.. you can tell this dude is a real deal mechanic just from looking at him. you dont even have to see the channel to know it..
Hat's off to you my friend.
Jim Small
Jim Small - 10 måneder siden
WOW, and cut! now you are a real welder! Seriously you are lucky to be alive.
Robert Bachmann
Robert Bachmann - 10 måneder siden
"I thought I'd weld the seat bracket to the gas tank" hahahaha love it 6:12
tony detwiler
tony detwiler - 10 måneder siden
Now get a duramax
mattio79 - 10 måneder siden
Enzo Iadevaia
Enzo Iadevaia - 10 måneder siden
You copied whistlin diesel
Andrey Sviblovsky
Andrey Sviblovsky - 10 måneder siden
David McDougall
David McDougall - 10 måneder siden
Welding the tank . you dodged a bullet.
Josh Mandel
Josh Mandel - 10 måneder siden
Why do you have the word plumbing in your YouTube channel name you don’t plum
Michael Dilger
Michael Dilger - 10 måneder siden
To the FPV racing drone pilot: please try playing on a simulator, it helps so much and you don't have to worry about breaking things or battery life. Liftoff is great and even though nothing is the same as real life. It's pretty hard to do acro, but practice is the best way to get better. Good luck Guys
Eric Myers
Eric Myers - 10 måneder siden
You welded on a gas tank twice!!!!
QUAD ADDICTION - 10 måneder siden
11:33 it might need some oil
Troy Buhay
Troy Buhay - 10 måneder siden
Knew it was a squarebody chev just by the thumb nail. Those box sides and fenders are in good shape. My buddy would kill for those.
LukeTheJoker - 10 måneder siden
That up and over with the drone was awesome!
GQinc - 10 måneder siden
does it have airbags?
landondevine - 10 måneder siden
copying someone ey?
VIDEOMED - 10 måneder siden
I love you guys.....but welding the seat to the gas tank, was super dumb !! lol. I worked on cars for 4 decades. In my 20's, I went to a junk yard in Mass. to buy a part for a customer. I hear a guy say..'MAN !! What happened to you " !!! I turn to look, and I see this young kid with blonde hair....burnt off half his head !! His face and neck looked like tan rubber all scars too.!! I said "On Man ! the kid says ( he was my age) he says "He was cutting off his rear shocks with a torch ,and the gas tank blew" !! Burned his parents house down ! He showed us his chest....half burnt to his waste !! Terrible burns ….SO BE CAREFUL DUDES !!!!!!!!!! peace