We Made The Odyssey 3X Faster! And Broke It...

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Well we broke the engine swapped Honda Odyssey and decided to re build it 3X faster, stronger and lighter. The stock differential just couldn’t hold up to the 130HP snowmobile engine. This is our custom buggy build!
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Travis - 13 dager siden
lmao "u ready for a tug" :p u might wanna reword that lol
Sam Hill
Sam Hill - Måned siden
Holy crap...looks like they finally bathed.
Freedom Inc.
Freedom Inc. - 4 måneder siden
It was cool when it was an odyseey. It's now a go cart in steroids.
Dax arms
Dax arms - 5 måneder siden
Use a laser speedometer what you do is you mount to the frame of the Honda Odyssey and the laser will measure your speed stationary that are around your yard
Dax arms
Dax arms - 5 måneder siden
A 2in thick titanium shaft should be enough to keep it from breaking
Jakson Pritt
Jakson Pritt - 5 måneder siden
Pushbike speedo will work and they're are very cheap and accurate and reliable too so perfect for the job ..... me thinks any way
GForce Monkeys
GForce Monkeys - 6 måneder siden
Just learned all aboit you guys recently. Also my buddy ryan went and hung out with you. We are building a track friday. Hoping to pick up an odyssey today. Muahahahaha
Clayton Cressler
Clayton Cressler - 6 måneder siden
you would think that they could put an electric start on it. but hey guys i stilll love what ya'll do
Freaky DIESEL - 6 måneder siden
I wish i had a house like you guys my life would be so much happier if i could rip around at home
Adrian Ruiz
Adrian Ruiz - 6 måneder siden
Queee duro jala!!!
Riley Al
Riley Al - 6 måneder siden
So awesome love power wheels
Xstreamaudio - 6 måneder siden
Motor cycle front wheel pick and speedo cable on wheel somewhere would work
Hank Jones
Hank Jones - 7 måneder siden
FYI, thats better than GTA.
Robert Owens
Robert Owens - 7 måneder siden
That buggy is a beast, you should call it the road runner, beep beep.
falloutboy - 7 måneder siden
Need to take this to the dunes!
Tebibyte - 7 måneder siden
JYD - 8 måneder siden
I use this for my Tanaka paverunner scooter... https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.coolniks.niksgps
green gangster
green gangster - 8 måneder siden
Just saying... If you catch a tree with the back wheel at that kind of rip.... you gunna be fooked up brudda. Serious potential for carnage. Love it!
Sam Wheeler
Sam Wheeler - 8 måneder siden
you fellas aught to make a rally racer for the trial of the hammers
Umaxen 00
Umaxen 00 - 8 måneder siden
I'm surprised Honda doesn't continue selling this thing, after all, they have the tooling for it. Design and implementation = ZERO...
Kênh Thích độ chế
Kênh Thích độ chế - 8 måneder siden
XE chạy tuyệt quá.
Elton White
Elton White - 8 måneder siden
Use a Draggy to calculate your speed, check out sxs blog .com they use them all the time
ononewheel7 - 8 måneder siden
The gopros your using have gps youd just have to turn it on then overlay the telemetrics in the video afterwards!
Awesome video btw!
Racist lives Don’t matter
Racist lives Don’t matter - 8 måneder siden
20:50 thank me later
Carleton Slight
Carleton Slight - 8 måneder siden
You ever think about a roll bar that is crescent shaped for side protection if/when you roll it over? Because with the right suspension I'd be looking for a nice table top to jump!!! Get it AIRBORNE
Donald Fuller
Donald Fuller - 8 måneder siden
Why would you go leaner in warmer conditions?
I YAM WHITE - 8 måneder siden
Dont underestimate the Tao of Kung Fu by replacing the brazing flux with a Moen closet flange. I have found when fondling Rock Cornish Hen to always use Salve. Please have a nice bath
john d Cramblit
john d Cramblit - 8 måneder siden
Did you guys notice that the fan on your radiator doesn't spin fast enough to do any kind of cooling? Or did you design it to work like that?
Derrick Anderson
Derrick Anderson - 8 måneder siden
DANG IT Grind Hard; My wife's getting mad I'm always watching your ISH. FREEEEAKING amazing content! :)
fictional25m - 8 måneder siden
They make an adjustable stall comet clutch and they have driven spring tension the comet will let you have quicker clutch engagement the driven spring on a comet can change your shift points a tougher spring will give you more low end for longer duration or a weaker spring will give you top end quicker
the clutch was often changed for racing but offered a better ride ability the rear wheel spin is fun at first but its no fun to spin and go no where every time the power valve on the engine changes you produce a ton of torque all of a sudden
you can change the governor on the power value to cause it to open later or disable it all it does is change port timing the original engines wasn't a high rpm engine so we set the clutch to engage sooner and set driven with a tough spring to have a smoother range
setting these up for racing we put wheel weights in the hubs some used custom paddle like tires you want that extra grip on your turns to help control
you could trim those tires to get a different tread like a monster truck tire/paddle the biggest fault with the 350 was it wouldn't "hook up" and you had wheel spin
people tried everything to get them to hook in the dirt like a wheel standing mud dragster was to get weight to the wheel its self a weaker rear suspension helps allowing it to "squat" like a dragster they went over kill on shocks on the 350 building better A arms isnt hard to adapt to as well but keep in mind the factory suspension is designed to prevent clipping a tree as well as to direct things away from the driver but improvements can be made to factory higher/weaker shocks to allow more travel or even limiters for one direction circle tracks etc
Blake Dean
Blake Dean - 8 måneder siden
" You ready for a tug?"
Nick Rudd
Nick Rudd - 9 måneder siden
Get a pair of expansion pipes made for it, two into one Spannies kill a two stroke.
C Mac
C Mac - 9 måneder siden
A electrical, or mechanical speedometer mite work ?. for speed check.
Chucky !!!!
Chucky !!!! - 9 måneder siden
4 wheeler flat tax on back
Acura RL
Acura RL - 9 måneder siden
Can set secondary spring tighter to hold your first gear am to slow the gear change shims are in center of secondary an spring has few adjustments as well and you can drill cpl new holes also to tighten engender more of the spring is tired from age
Acura RL
Acura RL - 9 måneder siden
Can get the camera right on the clutches to see wats up also
Acura RL
Acura RL - 9 måneder siden
Still looks like it’s starting in second gear so need to see if you can get belt to ride higher on secondary by pulling shims out of center. The belts definitely riding up on primary to the second gear spot before taking g off.
Acura RL
Acura RL - 9 måneder siden
Belt looks lose. When distance is to great then you can either get smaller belt or take shim out of the center of your secondary clutch so belt rides higher on secondary inturn taking up the slack or you do nothing and be happy with less gears and starting in 2nd gear. If the belt is coming all the way to the top of primary when at full throttle then your good
Clutch_up_adv - 9 måneder siden
if your press is having a hard time pressing that on. heat up the part you want on with a torch. if your worried about your heat treat. put the other part in the freezer. should help expand or contract a thousand of and inch or some .taking strain off your press.
B. K.
B. K. - 9 måneder siden
"you ready for a tug? , whoa ima need 2 hands for this"
Felipe Rosendo
Felipe Rosendo - 9 måneder siden
Rusty Nutz
Rusty Nutz - 9 måneder siden
I'm neglecting My Spitfire Too watching these video's for inspiration to build an off road with "stupid Giant " horse power, suspension, and handling...
L Murrell
L Murrell - 9 måneder siden
So on a straight away how fast can it go?
busa busa1
busa busa1 - 9 måneder siden
Try softer spring in the primary clutch then I would try different weights
426 SUPER BEE - 9 måneder siden
i would put bigger and more meaty tires he hee like some 22s > wheels on the chop down pickup would work
john martin
john martin - 9 måneder siden
Should of found a street bike transmission it's capable of way more hp than what you got and the gearing would be perfect.
Bobby Nate
Bobby Nate - 9 måneder siden
I think you guys should look into hydrostatic drive for 4WD and reverse. Just a thought
BULL DOGG - 9 måneder siden
Get a Hans Device. You hit a tree going them speeds it could snap your neck..
Lee Bll
Lee Bll - 10 måneder siden
Plz help
Gonçalo F95
Gonçalo F95 - 10 måneder siden
your b roll game is fucking nuts
007 T-5
007 T-5 - 10 måneder siden
Hand held Garmin GPS's work pissah!👍🏁
Ever Fitzgerald
Ever Fitzgerald - 10 måneder siden
Inconel Shaft ..
rocky tookie
rocky tookie - 10 måneder siden
a RC speedometer would work great cheap and accurate
peter greaney
peter greaney - 10 måneder siden
Jingle bells Jingle bells Jingle all the way oh what fun it is to ride in a 130 horse open odyssey
Jordan Wilson
Jordan Wilson - 10 måneder siden
How much would that engine cost I want to make a bike but with gears project its hard to get hi cc 2 stroke engine s in the uk
sean tap
sean tap - 10 måneder siden
Could have milled the keyway on the lathe.... Love the vids
Kilak - 11 måneder siden
so much trial and error..

someone is gonna get hurt on tha deathtrap.

hire a proper mechanical engineer to fix the big issues
Royce McCarthy
Royce McCarthy - 11 måneder siden
As I see it you can pass everything but a magnet lol.
JJ Diamond
JJ Diamond - 11 måneder siden
New sub, great video. Question, does anyone know of a video that shows more of a shot of the counter in the kitchen? From what I can see it looks awesome. Would love to see more if it.
Tommy Cowger
Tommy Cowger - 11 måneder siden
You guys are GREAT!! Love the videos! Keep'em coming, you guy need a chronometer to set up to be able to get your speed just make sure it will do m.p.h. and not feet per second
Eric Styer
Eric Styer - 11 måneder siden
Do you ever use pillow block bearings? I’ve got a 88 Kawi Mule 1000 project currently with similar jackshaft setup. I’m not even sure the pulleys function on the CVT. Using a 2011 Yamaha FZ8 motor. I split the 454 Ltd cases and retained the rear end so I could keep reverse/locking diff. Its easy to get discouraged when there’s so much shit to make work versus just paying for a new Razor or something.
Da Go
Da Go - 11 måneder siden
I would bet all your builds break on day one.
justfor kix
justfor kix - 11 måneder siden
yall should do a collaboration with cars and cameras at busco beach your build would kill it on the drag and race track
TheCj71984 - 11 måneder siden
should invite the grand tour crew to go around your track
John Park
John Park - 11 måneder siden
Awesome work and video guys. Do twice think once or was it think twice do once? You will learn as you go what you need to do, that's the fun of it all.
Ohiocountryboy 2007
Ohiocountryboy 2007 - 11 måneder siden
Get a GPS speedometer that are for cars
Jesus Vazquez
Jesus Vazquez - 11 måneder siden
Turbo that bad boy
Cringe Royale
Cringe Royale - 11 måneder siden
Insane shots. I love it.
Yanyong Krongboon
Yanyong Krongboon - 11 måneder siden
Once you know it I became your fan club.
notisp - 11 måneder siden
The gearing is wrong,needs to be lowered,i can hear the engine has a lot more load
commantros exetlos
commantros exetlos - 11 måneder siden
i dont know why you people make the easy difficult...better with a rear raptor 660-700 solid axle and better shocks..that way you have and chain set up and 100 times more reliable if you dont use it for rock climp
4Shizzle06 - 11 måneder siden
Wish I could work for/with these guys. I would show up early to work every day. lol
jacob sweeney
jacob sweeney - 11 måneder siden
where is the source of meat? south America? They are cutting n burning the rainforest to make way to raise beef cattle, cause the demand is money is so good. Elephants only eat plants, look how huge they are. I love meat too, trust me I love it, but we have to ask ourselves where is it coming from. 2ND THING I learned, nitrous Oxide comes from mammals feces and is the most harmful warming gas there is. I like your builds its like a Kids mind on Steroids !! LOL pretty sure we all thought about these builds as kids, without the means.
Terje E
Terje E - 11 måneder siden
Put the old jets in the carb, it faster if the engine do not take damage, Two stroke like fuel and oil
Jason Heberling
Jason Heberling - 11 måneder siden
just run a cable speedo off a old enduro attach cog to front wheel axel and run a cable to were the gopro see the speed so u dont take ur eyes off the road.
Evan Booth
Evan Booth - 11 måneder siden
these guys are so nice to each other. it's wholesome af.
Brad Ames
Brad Ames - År siden
Garmin Glo bluetooth GPS is what we use in the rally car. It is 10 samples per second and has a much better receiver than a phone (works mounted inside our dash in heavily wooded areas).
WinSomeLoseNone - År siden
Get some life insurance ASAP gentlemen.
Budgin - År siden
You guys should use litpro to tell how fast you are going. Awesome videos Thanks
R Dankers
R Dankers - År siden
Looks like you nailed the grinder keyway hack however if you need precision you can use your lathe to cut keyways in a pinch… By chucking up an endmill and then running your cross slide as a fixture for your axle. I’ve had to do that once and it worked out well! Anyways, good job guys keep it up!
Oscar Webster
Oscar Webster - År siden
If u go to 6:08 of the vid Eathan is actually half bald
danteelite - År siden
I think an awesome idea for your rally track is to make a zipline camera on that straight across the field.
Run a long cable from a tree on each end, hang a gopro from a zipline and have someone waiting until the driver comes around the bend and send the camera and you'll get a really awesome cinematic swooping chase cam shot that will almost look like a chopper.
I think they actually make zipline camera rigs if I'm not mistaken!
Either way, you guys have amazing shots and great editing and stuff. I think you guys are gonna have one incredible setup in the near future, for all stages! From building, filming, and shooting cool glamour footage and awesome editing!
I'm glad I found your channel early and look forward to seeing where the channel goes!
Good luck!
Nicolai Olsen
Nicolai Olsen - År siden
Koso speedometer with magnets on the front wheel brake disc.
Life in Washington
Life in Washington - År siden
You ready for a tug? Isn't something you hear often between two men deep in Idaho. Lol
Life in Washington
Life in Washington - År siden
Plz paint it Black
Patrick Baitman
Patrick Baitman - År siden
No torque?
Preetam Dasika
Preetam Dasika - År siden
This looks like a CrossOut Water Butt and I love every part of it
Chris Diehl
Chris Diehl - År siden
Use a car speedometer. Off an old car.
Frank RangerFrank
Frank RangerFrank - År siden
Giant box of meat! Ffs!
cobrasvt347 - År siden
The belt is waaaayy too loose. It's gonna slip and engagement is gonna be shit. Never mind i see y'all figured that out rather quick 😉
zip1233 - År siden
I'd be focusing more on that front end than the goofy stuff you're doing right now tbh. It's fast but it doesn't steer worth a fuck.
Travis Tharp
Travis Tharp - År siden
I can get better meat than that.
Travis Tharp
Travis Tharp - År siden
Only because I raise my own cows and pigs and chickens
Konious Skalavitz
Konious Skalavitz - År siden
Odyssey: has 130hp
Shaft: Aight imma head out
kita17n - År siden
badassery men
Drew Peters
Drew Peters - År siden
im a simple man i see odyssey goes faster

what the hell did you say
Luca Stambaugh
Luca Stambaugh - År siden
There’s an app called “trails” i use when I go Mx riding, tracks instant speed, altitude, and tracks your position then gives you maps for all 3.. seems to be pretty accurate
exdime - År siden
Dude that rear gopro totally GTA
Philip Coleman
Philip Coleman - År siden
What would the turbo cost for a spitfire fitted. and if fuel injection additional. So give me a rough price please.
joelflaugh - År siden
You need heavier weights in the primary clutch
_ Xolfy
_ Xolfy - År siden
Just hear what he say at 3:30 😂😂 anyway I love your videos 🤗