We Put Real Lights on the Ultimate Power Wheel Jeeps!

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This week we upgraded the Jeeps for our upcoming overland trip with off road lights. The Jeep Wrangler got a huge light bar and the Jeep Hurricane got head lights, running lights, break lights and a light bar! Thank you for watching and stick around for the overland trip video next Friday!
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raedawn tomblinson
raedawn tomblinson - 15 dager siden
Now u. Guys should put blenkers on it so it will be somewhat street legil
Dilyo RC Fabrications
Dilyo RC Fabrications - 22 dager siden
I like the light bar ideas. I think you need to watch how I did my lights on my Barbie jeep and do the same with Sendy. it was a super clean setup and works awesome. https://youtu.be/w92KQkSop2E
Solo - 24 dager siden
Since the colonel has reverse, you guys should add a reverse light. Wouldn’t be all that hard.
Brian Budd
Brian Budd - Måned siden
Is there a link for those taillights?
Popi Pocket
Popi Pocket - Måned siden
Am I the only one who cringes every time they use a grinder or weld without gloves😂besides that you guys are fricken sick
BTT T - Måned siden
Yall r crazy! Thx haha
Lee Baroldy
Lee Baroldy - Måned siden
So cool! I mentioned in your previous video that I designed the Hurricane while at Fisher-Price, based on Aaron Pizutti's real Jeep Hurricane. But even cooler, you call it the Colonel? I'm a retired Lieutenant Colonel. How cool is that? Live what you've done with our work. :)
Finish Dude
Finish Dude - Måned siden
Who can have more fun then you?no one you are the luckiest dudes ever.I live in Sweden there is not a worse place to live in if you want to have fun.
steelgator crimson Tide
steelgator crimson Tide - Måned siden
Those things are stick I just found these how the hell did you do that
Nexius Suixen
Nexius Suixen - Måned siden
You should try putting turning lights
Wow So Cool i wish i had one here in the philippines it would be so fun to drive around
xlegit13 - Måned siden
These videos are insane, production quality is amazing. By far my favourite channel. The content and quality is absolutely perfect. Great job guys 👍👍
AH MD - Måned siden
ذيب 😍😍
діма стецюк
діма стецюк - Måned siden
А бо розову
діма стецюк
діма стецюк - Måned siden
За сколька атдаш зелену
Thomas Meade
Thomas Meade - Måned siden
This was such a cool video keep it up your crushing this YouTube thing in an amazing educational not click bate
Jason Lambert
Jason Lambert - Måned siden
Oh Wow! I'm going to ____ myself!!! Whoda thunk it?
Rusty Shacklfort
Rusty Shacklfort - Måned siden
Those brake lights where did y’all find them ? That’s perfect for my project.
alexa hernandez
alexa hernandez - Måned siden
One day offtops I gotta do this for my kids, if I have one 💯
Colton Britz
Colton Britz - Måned siden
More 2jz tractor videos
bubba shitty
bubba shitty - Måned siden
Cindy needs a pair of those headlights
TheJumpyPrawn - Måned siden
When are you going to get the leathers on and do a top speed run? Would love to see it flat out through all the gears!
Christian Lakin Dick
Christian Lakin Dick - Måned siden
consistent high quality content, have always been and always will be a big fan, keep up the work guys
Simon Hollens
Simon Hollens - Måned siden
Can I buy the Jeep
Idk3xtay3x - Måned siden
If yall was to sell one how much would you sell it for like for them to see
Josh Brophy
Josh Brophy - Måned siden
Nooooo remove that light bar. You’ve taken away from that beautiful engine!
dmv__braedan - Måned siden
Didn’t know there was light that was fake
Kai Samuelsen
Kai Samuelsen - Måned siden
Congratulations on 900k subscribers
Justin Oickle
Justin Oickle - Måned siden
You guys should do more driving videos please
Gaz Kemp
Gaz Kemp - Måned siden
Whens Sendy getting headlights??
Henry Curnow
Henry Curnow - Måned siden
Possible next build??? https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/12v-ride-big-seater-white-kids-car-1878682467
Inguelbert Frias
Inguelbert Frias - Måned siden
Gracias por vorber a poner lo que dicen en español pork nose inglés :v
Jc. Media
Jc. Media - Måned siden
wouldve been nice to see you spend the same amount of effort on the barbie jeep, you could've fitted the same headlights to that too as the front stock (fake) light housings look the same and likely the same brake lights, seems like you've lost interest in it a bit now the other jeep is built which is fair enough but c'monnnn. Anyway i love the videos :)
Whïté Dêâth
Whïté Dêâth - Måned siden
So are you taking the princess Jeep as well or what
Steven Anzures
Steven Anzures - Måned siden
Make me one and i will give you 100$
Joey Hardin
Joey Hardin - Måned siden
Make a piece that goes on the toe hitch for a wheelie bar that comes on and off ???
Kushtrim Hyseni
Kushtrim Hyseni - Måned siden
awesome builds, great fab skillz, you should try something bigger.. Pirhana Bug.. Sportbike 1000cc engine? :)
Dylan Maney
Dylan Maney - Måned siden
A alternator recharges your battery if the Jeep is on
Dylan Maney
Dylan Maney - Måned siden
You need to get a altnator for your little lighted Jeep
chris mosley
chris mosley - Måned siden
What I would think would be a fast scary build banshee power wheels. That think would be sick and fast.
sportster davidson
sportster davidson - Måned siden
Lol its funny you say , stay tuned for that ,yet you probably never had to tune a tv channel in , in your entire life . Its funny how younger people use all these new sayings yet once and a while they throw in an old saying and dont know what it means , not saying you guys dont know but we havent had to tune into anything since the 80s ,yes of topic of the build i just thought its funny when someone of my age says something old and a young person laughs but they say it and its cool ......
Preslav HD Kolev
Preslav HD Kolev - Måned siden
Where I can find the engine from the pink jeep?
Chad Rizor
Chad Rizor - Måned siden
Very cool! The General is top notch but the Barbie Jeep needs more love.
Steffen Tysnes
Steffen Tysnes - Måned siden
forgot the blinkers'
Aric Goodman
Aric Goodman - Måned siden
They look like over sized RC cars
jon jonnert
jon jonnert - Måned siden
So nice watching you guys today. I got in a car accident on saturday and rolled my car and im lucky to be alive. So whilst im still injured its nice to lay in bed and watch your awesome videos! Keep up the good work! Looks awesome!
medisen el piter Bsjai
medisen el piter Bsjai - Måned siden
Neta amo sus trabajos 🤩
I have a Payne in my Ass
I have a Payne in my Ass - Måned siden
Bring back the barbie mustang stickers pls
Two Kids One Mission
Two Kids One Mission - Måned siden
should do like a how to video, where you can put a list of parts that aren’t too hard to get for ppl, and make videos on every step on a power wheel build, or sell some starter kits for the projects
Two Kids One Mission
Two Kids One Mission - Måned siden
Would love too see it
Camden Sheridan
Camden Sheridan - Måned siden
Jesus Christ every vid I see of you guys just makes me hate other you tubers for not putting this much work into something. This build is FUCKING INSANE idk how much y’all hear that but it is and the video quality is to match it’s beautiful fucking love this channel!
Jimmy Lane
Jimmy Lane - Måned siden
so when is the overland trip video coming?
Liam Campbell
Liam Campbell - Måned siden
Do you just use old dirt bike motors and tune em up?
Dylan Ezekiel
Dylan Ezekiel - Måned siden
nice beuty shots at the end
Simon Manifold
Simon Manifold - Måned siden
Did no one else notice the huge launch pad at the intro and end of the video!!! That thing is awesome!!! Let’s see some air!
stener8888 - Måned siden
really a shame the taillights cant be mounted inside the chassie
QUADSQUAD420 - Måned siden
you should get 28in assassnators for them
BandWidthExpired - Måned siden
how long till he registers it for a daily driver?
Timothy W.
Timothy W. - Måned siden
So many many years ago I bought my eldest child a Jeep Hurricane much like yours that the Colonel's made from. Mine did not have nearly the creativity and mechanical increase that yours has but mine did have lights. I mounted incandescent lights inside the headlights that were almost dead perfect diameter match and they work absolutely perfect. I put marker lights meant for trailers on the sides and rear and when it was all said and done the lighting was run off of a single switch and ran off of the original Power Wheels battery. The power wheel itself ran off of a deep cycle battery that I mounted with external post so you could charge it with a regular battery charger. It worked extremely well it conquered snow it conquered dirt but traction was an issue. So I cut up bicycle tires and I screwed them down to the plastic Wheels like paddles and after that it was nearly Unstoppable. Sadly the plastic gearing gave up and it was pushed the way side of the yard and that's where it left. I built a fifth hand go kart Auto Parts cost of Predator engine on it and that was the last thing that was built with a motor. You guys do some badass work keep it up it's very inspirational
204 Video
204 Video - Måned siden
Those things are so rad. 🤘
Kason Lee
Kason Lee - Måned siden
Can you sell them
Jesse Weick
Jesse Weick - Måned siden
Now you have to make break lights for the trailer
Frank Carrillo
Frank Carrillo - Måned siden
Where’s the next build?
Илья Станиславович
Curt Hook
Curt Hook - Måned siden
That is the nicest, cleanest and very technical build on YouTube in my opinion
Dan F
Dan F - Måned siden
Does anybody else think that these projects will someday be in a museum?
Oklahoma Overland
Oklahoma Overland - Måned siden
For your overland trip you should definitely slap a toddler barby house on a trailer to drag behind you would be awesome
Robbobshiskabob Robboboscarpete
You should really tag a link to get those red LED brake pods!!!
Mike Barrett
Mike Barrett - Måned siden
The pink one needs the round headlights and taillights as well.
Ben Lian
Ben Lian - Måned siden
How about u delete the light bar on the Barbie jeep and add a fog lights on the bumper between the post that goes upwards
Owen Dodman
Owen Dodman - Måned siden
Need some small turn signals for the front and wire in the rears for the turn signals also
KhingKloud - Måned siden
Install A/C in the next episode.
Heipormi Chyne
Heipormi Chyne - Måned siden
jose ibarra-norton
jose ibarra-norton - Måned siden
You guys should my one of those kid tug boat in to a car or boat I think they where call tuggys
King Cloud Gaming
King Cloud Gaming - Måned siden
I would love to meet you guys if I ever come back to the 7b region
michael blacktree
michael blacktree - Måned siden
Those headlights are perfect!
joey barrett
joey barrett - Måned siden
The music is always peaceful asf and you guys always make good entertainment and quality videos 💯🤙💯🤙💯💪💪
Kody Ogreysik
Kody Ogreysik - Måned siden
Wait I thought the normal Jeep got painted blue and white?
always playing too loud Jacob
Should of put the light bar on the bumper
Ray Conger
Ray Conger - Måned siden
Yes Jeep headlights should be round!
pterodox123 - Måned siden
BEEAARR!!!!! 9:51
Hodge - Måned siden
i wonder if those same round lights would fit in sendy
Konnor Kendrick
Konnor Kendrick - Måned siden
Add some additional comfort to the seats for that trip and you’re golden.
Angel 13
Angel 13 - Måned siden
Not sure about your state, but in mine you aren't far from having that jeep street legal. Lol
Brandon Mitchell
Brandon Mitchell - Måned siden
love to see fellow Idahoans killing the game. i love your guys's videos and watch as often as they come up
Beta376 - Måned siden
When ya putting a radio in it.
joey schultz
joey schultz - Måned siden
Y’all gotta put rocklights on the off-road one the new buifk not cinderrealla
Harry Ballzack
Harry Ballzack - Måned siden
Has #Jeep not contacted y’all about putting them in their SEMA booth?! They should!
David Garcia
David Garcia - Måned siden
how much for something like this shipped to las vegas
SuySankenPani Mukanranko
SuySankenPani Mukanranko - Måned siden
Absolute Ultimate street power wheel missing now in the fleet:) really awesome work and filming like watching a TV series!
Swift Fishin
Swift Fishin - Måned siden
Nice work guys I’m getting a light bar put on my off road Kia soul project here in a couple weeks
Luke Fleming
Luke Fleming - Måned siden
The music blew my mind in this episode!
reemer911 - Måned siden
Next cone the blinkers
Powerband Photography
Powerband Photography - Måned siden
to think this all started with a barbie mustang powerwheels go kart, heckin wild if you ask me lads
Chase Carroll
Chase Carroll - Måned siden
Next they need mirrors
derwin westfall
derwin westfall - Måned siden
Sure hope u r right
iTheMaster - Måned siden
Now You need to put lights on the trailer
Pēteris Lukstiņš
Pēteris Lukstiņš - Måned siden
you need to make power wheels mini monster truck show happen!
Jimbo Taylor
Jimbo Taylor - Måned siden
I've watched this build from the start....every time I see a new video on this Powerwheels Monster I am impressed at the fabrication involved in creating this awesome vehicle. I would so love to have a drive of it 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻
And now it's got some serious Lumens going on it'll still be Boss at night!!
Totally Wicked Build...
Jeremy hanna
Jeremy hanna - Måned siden
Hockey stick grip tape on that wheel will help a lot
Derek Bain
Derek Bain - Måned siden
You should make Jeep windshield brackets like the Jeep have.